• Samsung’s new top-end curved gaming monitors are sporting HDR, QLED and AMD FreeSync 2

    Samsung’s new top-end curved gaming monitors are sporting HDR, QLED and AMD FreeSync 2

    Samsung is updating its curved gaming monitor lineup with a slew of new technologies. Coming in 27, 31.5 and 49-inch versions, they’re called the C27HG70, C32HG70 and C49HG90, respectively. They blend the best current monitor technologies, into a package that at first glance seems pretty ideal. All three monitors come equipped with HDR (high dynamic range) for increased light range… Read More

  • Apple has a new iMac and Pro display in the works, too

    Apple has a new iMac and Pro display in the works, too

    The big news from Apple’s unprecedented sit-down with the press this week is the company’s plans to tear down and rethink the Mac Pro. But a few other hardware nuggets arose from that meeting, as well. Namely, the fact that the company is planning new iMacs more aggressively focused on pro users, along with a standalone display designed for use specifically with the Mac Pro. Read More

  • Acer’s New Monitor Turns 2D Into 3D Automagically

    Acer’s New Monitor Turns 2D Into 3D Automagically

    Slowly but surely, the world is turning 3D. The Acer HR274H is a 27-inch 1080p 3D display with a trick up its sleeve. Using an internal, chip-based system, the monitor can convert most 2D content into (arguably poor) 3D. This will, in short, pop the moving objects to the front of the scene while making the background look further away. Read More

  • Samsung 950 Monitor Is The Prettiest, Smartest Monitor In School

    If you were just all like “That can’t be a monitor!” then you’re wrong! It is a monitor and it’s quite handsome. The Samsung 27-inch 950, shown here, displays 3D content while the cheaper 750 is 2D only. They also come in 23-inch variants and all have 1920 x 1080 resolution with a 2ms refresh rate. Read More

  • Sportourer Touch Beat HR Watch Review

    The Sportourer Touch Beat is one of the most decent looking exercise watches I have ever seen. This is due not only to its slick styling that makes it look less plasticy, but also because of the cleverly designed combo digital/analog face, as well as the dual use heart rate monitor. Read More

  • Review: Sceptre 27-inch LCD Gaming Monitor

    Short Version: Everyone wants a big monitor. They’re great for browsing, writing, editing pictures, video, playing games – pretty much everything that you do on your PC. Sceptre is known as a lower end brand, but does their 27-inch “gaming” monitor perform to a gamer’s expectations? Yes, but not without some problems. Read More

  • Panasonic announces new, expensive 3D monitor

    There’s no doubt Panasonic really believes in the future of 3D. After having announced a number of 3D TVs and 3D-enabled Blu-ray recorders and players just last week, the company in Japan announced [press release in English] a new 3D monitor today. It’s a 25.5-inch IPS LCD screen with full HD resolution, and it’s very expensive. More so than the (much bigger) 3D TVs. Read More

  • NewerTech USB 2.0 Display Adapter supports up to 6 extra monitors

    Adding an external display to most modern laptops isn’t a big deal; and many desktops natively support dual displays. But adding a third, or even a fourth, display can be a challenge. The NewerTech USB 2.0 Display Adapter aims to make adding extra monitors as easy as plugging in a USB gadget. Macs can add up to 4 monitors, while PCs can add up to six! Read More

  • CrunchDeals: 19-inch LCD for $100

    Now there is no excuse for you not having an LCD monitor. CompUSA is selling thie I-Inc 19-inch widescreen LCD for only $100 + $2 for shipping. That’s cheap. Granted, it’s not a Dell Ultrasharp, but it’s better than nothing. Read More

  • This device may or may not upscale your Wii's output

    Well here’s another wacky Japanese gadget that you’ll forget about before the end of the day. I say that not because it’s junk, but because it’s so niche you’ll be like “Oh, wow. Now what am I going to eat for lunch?” It’s the Castrade CG-USC02HD, and, nearest I can tell from Google’s translation robot, it upscales your video game… Read More

  • Apple's 24-inch LED Cinema Display (finally) unboxed

    It’s been a while (10/14/08) since Apple first announced the next version of the Cinema Display but with the display now shipping, unboxing pics have surfaced. The LED-powered display looks just like it did when we first peeped it way back on October 14. The display hasn’t revealed any unannounced features but the lack of a power brick is a welcomed surprise. AppleInsider also… Read More

  • Samsung releases the 1080p 2494HS SyncMaster LCD monitor

    Samsung has something special today with the 23-inch 2494HS SyncMaster LCD full HD monitor. It comes packing with HDMI, 1,000:1 contrast ratio, 5ms response time, but most importantly, a 1920 x 1080 resolution. Not only does the monitor have DVI-D and VGA, but also a HDCP friendly HDMI input which will work nicely with computers, Blu-ray players, and yup, even Netflix via Xbox 360. The monitor… Read More

  • Samsung announces T220P SyncMaster LCD monitor

    It’s Samsung Monitor. It’s 22-inches. It has a HDCP DVI input. It has a 1920 x 1200 resolution. It comes out in late November. It will sell for 35,000 yen or $362 USD. Anything else? It’s just a monitor. Read More

  • Dell says "Me too!" and unleashes the SP2309W QWXGA 23-inch LCD monitor

    Hot on the heels of Samsung’s QWXGA 2342BWX LCD monitor, Dell just made its 2048×1152 23-inch monitor available – sort-of. The SP2309W sports a quick 2ms response time and 1000:1 contrast ratio, along with the super-duper resolution, which should satisfy both gamers and corner office types. Unlike the Samsung though, Dell threw in a 2MP camera within the bezel for some… Read More

  • Acer intros a 22-inch Ferrari themed LCD monitor at the same time Enzo rolls over

    Acer has a little thing for Ferrari-branded PC items and its latest product should look great on poser’s desks everywhere. The 22-inch F-22Bid LCD monitor rocks a 22,000:1 contrast ratio with a brightness 300cd/m, a 2ms response time, all with a WSXGA resolution of 1,680 x 1,050. Now, if you really want to look like a tool and own one of these, Acer is only producing 500 units so you… Read More

  • Samsung's ToC line of LCD monitors double as a mini HDTV

    Also announced today from Samsung is the Touch of Color line of desktop monitors. These LCD monitors double as HDTVs thanks to a built-in digital ATSC/QAM tuner. The ToC line features two HDMI ports, a 5ms video response time, 10,000:1 contrast ratio, 16:10 aspect ratio and comes in 22-, 24- and 26-inch models. No word on when these will be out, but prices range from $429 to $599. Read More

  • All-in-one Eee PC or just a monitor?

    Our buds over at Laptop have some interesting photos of an Eee monitor that might be a 19- or 20-incher with a built-in Webcam. A total of four USB ports, two Ethernet ports, and three audio ports are visible on the monitor/all-in-one. Denon logos suggest the unit has built-in speakers and an amplifier. The Eee monitor is rumored to be priced at $500 with a built-in TV tuner and more than… Read More

  • Asus to launch eee gear including eee mini box and eee monitor

    Can’t get enough eee? How about an eee SUPER mini PC and an eee monitor, both clad in pearlescent white and delicately stuffed with the latest in circuitry. Some spies at Computex grabbed a shot of Asus’ roadmap pointing to two new devices. The eee monitor should launch in september but there is no word about the supposed mini mini PC. Read More

  • LG has two new wide-widescreen LCDs

    If you are looking at your monitor right now thinking, “Man I wish this widescreen was even wider”, you’re in luck. LG is launching two stretched LCD’s today with screen sizes of 38-inches (M3800S-BN) and 29-inches (M2900S-BN). The new displays can be mounted horizontally or vertically, have a 1000:1 contrast ratio, and a 9ms response time. The resolution of the 38-inch… Read More

  • Escape the tyranny of symmetry with this BenQ monitor

    As we all know, in the future things will by asymmetrical and cool, not round and perfect with rings like the Jetsons. BenQ is leading the charge on this front, although I think their claims of the monitor sharing “the aerodynamic curves of the B-2 stealth bomber” are exaggerated. Its specs though seem genuine and excellent: 2ms grey-to-grey response time, 4000:1… Read More