Hosting Service MongoHQ Suffers Major Security Breach That Explains Buffer’s Hack Over The Weekend

NoSQL Database hosting service <a target="_blank" href="">MongoHQ</a>,  a Y Combinator alum, has suffered a major security breach that appears to be a major factor in an

Why VCs Will Continue To Invest In Big Data Startups For Many Years To Come

This week,<a target="_blank" href=""> Splice Machine</a> raised $4 million to develop its SQL Engine for big data apps.<a target="_blank" href="

MongoHQ Raises $6 Million For Database As Service Engine

<a target="_blank" href="">MongoHQ</a> has raised $6 million from <a target="_blank" href="">Trinity Ventures</a> and a host of investors fo

MongoHQ Raises $417K From Y Combinator, Lerer And SV Angel

<img src='' />Data hosting platform <a href="">MongoHQ</a> has raised $417K in finan