Molotov starts its international expansion with seven African countries

French startup Molotov provides an OTT TV streaming service in France with live TV, premium channels, a cloud DVR and on-demand content. While the service has managed to attract 13 million users in Fr

Molotov launches free ad-supported streaming service Mango

French startup Molotov provides a TV streaming service in France that replaces the traditional set-top box. You can access live TV, subscribe to premium channels, watch content after it airs and recor

Molotov will provide infrastructure service to other OTT platforms

French startup Molotov is better known for its TV streaming service in France. The company has attracted millions of users that use it to watch live TV, record movies and TV shows in the cloud, play p

Molotov partners with SchoolMouv to offer video lessons

Schools have been closed for the past month in France. That’s why French startup Molotov is leveraging its over-the-top TV service to offer content for children of all ages. In particular, the compa

Altice to acquire majority stake in OTT startup Molotov

Telecom company Altice is about to close a significant investment in French startup Molotov — the two companies have entered into exclusive negotiations. While terms of the deal are undisclosed, Alt

Molotov creates a VR coffee shop to watch TV together

French startup Molotov is slowly becoming the leading platform to stream TV in France. With a single account, you can watch TV on your phone, tablet, computer and set-top box. The company is about to

Molotov is no longer geoblocked in Europe

French startup Molotov has built the best TV streaming service in its home country. Unfortunately, if you tried using the service in other European countries, Molotov would simply stop working. The st

Media startup Cheddar launches its TV channel in Europe with Molotov

Business news network Cheddar has been partnering with social media platforms and OTT services in the U.S. And Cheddar is now looking at international markets. The media company is partnering with Fre

Molotov adds OCS and HBO content just in time for ‘Game of Thrones’ new season

This deal is a bit convoluted, but the bottom line is that you’ll be able to watch the season 7 of Game of Thrones live or on demand on TV streaming app Molotov. The French startup just signed a dea

TV streaming app Molotov now has 1 million users

French startup Molotov is trying to define the future of TV. It’s a promising start as there are now one million registered users on the platform — the service is only available in France. On aver

Molotov activates the cloud DVR feature and raises $23.3 million

French startup Molotov launched five months ago, but a key feature had yet to go live. Molotov users can now bookmark TV shows and movies in the cloud so that they can watch them later. That’s not a

Molotov raises $4.5 million from Sky as part of a bigger round

British media company Sky just disclosed an investment of $4.5 million (€4 million) in French startup Molotov. From what we’ve heard and according to Sky’s statement, this is just a frac

TV streaming app Molotov is now available on the iPhone

French startup Molotov has been available in France for a couple of months already, and it is rolling out new platforms. After launching on the iPad, the Apple TV and computers, the company is launchi

Molotov is now available in France with a freemium model

French startup <a target="_blank" href="">Molotov</a> has been working on redefining the way we watch video content for a few years now. But after a long period in stealth, it’s

Molotov is defining the future of TV

For the smartphone generation, the idea that you have to sit down in front of the TV at a very specific time to watch something is archaic and inconceivable. And yet, I’ve been using <a target="_bla

Molotov Signs Deals With LG And Samsung To Come To Your Smart TV

French startup <a target="_blank" href="">Molotov</a> wants to <a href="

Molotov Signs Deals With French TV Networks, Launches Beta In November

<a target="_blank" href="">Molotov</a> has been quite secretive over the past two years. The French startup wants <a href="

How A Team Of Accomplished Entrepreneurs Plan To Revolutionize Your Television Experience

The company's logo on the doorbell was so tiny that I wasn't sure I was at the right door. After 18 months of hard work, I was the first journalist to see <a target="_blank" href="http://www.molotov.t