• Apple Said To Be Working On “Mogul” Slow-Motion Video Recording Feature For New iPhones

    Apple Said To Be Working On “Mogul” Slow-Motion Video Recording Feature For New iPhones

    These days it seems like just about every smartphone player worth its salt is devoting time and resources to upping their camera game, and Apple is no exception. A new report from 9to5Mac’s Mark Gurman points to snippets nestled within iOS 7 beta builds that seem to indicate the company is working on a camera feature called “Mogul” that will let users record video at 120… Read More

  • Mogul iPad Stand Makes Square An Elegant Option At Point-Of-Sale

    Mogul iPad Stand Makes Square An Elegant Option At Point-Of-Sale

    I usually trash any email that comes my way pitching an iPad case and/or stand. Sorry, but there are just so many of them that they really need to stand out. The Mogul, a Kickstarter project, certainly stands out and just so happens to solve a bit of a pain point, too. See, the Mogul isn’t your average iPad stand. It’s actually meant to be used as a point-of-sale module in… Read More

  • Windows Mobile 6.1 for Sprint Touch and Mogul

    The Windows Mobile 6.1 update for the Sprint Touch is officially available, finally, on HTC’s site. Along with the updated OS, HTC says the benefits of upgrading include: support for EV-DO Rev. A; advanced GPS functions including Sprint’s Navigation app; the Opera browser; and a full Qwerty on-screen keyboard. HTC is also offering the Windows Mobile 6.1 update for the Sprint… Read More

  • HTC readying two new CDMA, 3G, slick-looking handsets

    Though we can’t say we’re friends with the interface (we’re looking at you, Windows Mobile), we love what HTC does. They make high-end, usually OEM smartphones for the business crowd, and lately they’ve been paying a lot more attention to design, something it’s never been known for before. HTC has a pair of new phones coming to replace the Mogul and TyTN series… Read More

  • Sprint Mogul update includes EVDO Rev. A support

    Good news for HTC Mogul owners on the Sprint network — there’s a new update available that’ll allow your phone to connect to the higher speed EVDO Rev. A network where you could very well enjoy double the data speeds. The current EVDO Rev. 0 protocol features download speeds of 400- to 700-kbps and upload speeds of 50- to 70-kbps. EVDO Rev. A bumps the download speeds to… Read More

  • Sprint Mogul getting upgrade October 22?

    Not sure how many of you own a Sprint Mogul, but October 22nd is being pegged as the day that a few of your problems will be corrected. The supposed upgrade will fix your ROM and Bluetooth woes. It’s also being said that the upgrade will fix issues with the keyboard and EVDO Rev A. will finally be unlocked. Does anyone have one? Sprint Mogul Owners: This One Is For You [Gear Diary] Read More

  • Everything You Wanted to Know About the Sprint Mogul But Were Afraid to Ask

    Dear blogosphere: I’ve been doing this for a few years now and I’ve come across a few choice nuggets of wisdom. Example? Hire as many drunks as you can, ensuring that you can control your employees by inviting them to press events. Another tip? Unless you are really fun to watch, limit your video reviews to 2 minutes or less. Even my majestic visage is unacceptable in large doses. Read More

  • Sprint Mogul: Like the Wing for the Sprint Kids

    Sprint just announced ad CDMA/EV-DO version of T-Mobile’s Wing, the HTC Mogul AKA “Da Mogul.” This slide-out smartphone runs Windows Mobile 6 and includes a 512MB memory card, a 2-megapixel camera with flash, and supports full EV-DO Rev. 0 data speeds. We here at CG actually really liked the Wing, and this is basically the same animal with faster browsing and a seemingly… Read More