DARPA project aims to make modular computers out of ‘chiplets’

The Defense Department's research arm has officially kicked off its effort to create a modular computing framework, with pieces pulled from a mix-'n-match set of "chiplets." Producing something this w

Blocks Modular Smartwatch Now On Kickstarter

Blocks has been a very long time in getting off the drawing board -- and still remains a prototype at this stage, some two years into development -- but the modular smartwatch concept has finally land

Blocks’ Modular Smartwatch Designs Teased In New Video

One of the more interesting wearables lining up to challenge the Apple Watch next year is Blocks, a modular smartwatch conceived by a couple of students from Imperial College in the U.K. -- in turn in

Google’s Modular Ara Smartphone To Launch For The Public In January 2015

Google has been showing off its Project Ara modular smartphone in a lot more detail over the past few days, likely because it’s also hosting a developer conference for the device this week. Ara

Modify Watches Puts Custom Faces On Your Wrist, Crowdfunds U.S. Print And Assembly Plant

A watch is an opportunity to show something about yourself, and San Francisco-based Modify, a three-year-old startup offering custom-designed products, wants to make it easy for anyone to upload image

Six-person, round-table ping pong? If it ain’t broke…

Just one man’s opinion, but I’ve never had any beef with traditional ping pong. If you, however, find yourself longing to play on, say, a round table with five other people (perhaps all wearing me