modular robotics

How Carnegie Mellon’s snake robot became the multi-legged snake monster

The snake has long been one of the most compelling demos out of Carnegie Mellon’s robotics lab. Inspired by the reptile of the same name, its long, skinny build makes it perfect for squeezing into t

TinkerBots Want To Make Modular Robotics Child’s Play

TinkerBots is a modular robotics building set with the aim of encouraging children to learn about electronics through play. The Berlin-based makers behind the project are seeking to raise $100,000 ove

Building On Cubelets, MOSS Is A More Flexible Modular Robotics Construction Kit For Making Lots Of DIY Bots

Modular things are having a moment. Just last month MIT created self-assembling modular bots. Today Modular Robotics, the Boulder, Colorado-based maker of the Cubelets robotics building blocks designe

MIT Scientists Create Modular Robot Blocks That Can Self-Assemble & Reconfigure

M-Blocks are reconfigurable, modular robots with no external moving parts, built by research scientists at MIT. The cubes' ability to move results from harnessing the momentum of an internal flywheel