• PSP+XBox360 keyboard = crazy delicious

    Not sure why this was done, but now that l0rdnic0 at acidmods has done it, it makes perfect sense. After all, typing on the PSP is a pain in the butt and this adds quite a bit of functionality. Sadly, this mod isn’t for the faint of heart. via Giz Read More

  • German teens unfairly busted for being awesome

    Not actually the actual chair the teens actually built in actuality. Two 17-year olds in Germany got busted on Saturday for tooling around town on their undeniably awesome office chair outfitted with a lawnmower engine and bike brakes. It’s being called the world’s fastest office chair but I’d be really interested to see how fast it actually goes and also the office chair… Read More

  • Turn your old NES into an 8-bit lunchbox

    The weekend is fast approaching so here’s another little project for you. Take an old NES console, gut it, and add a couple hinges. Poof! NES lunchbox. The step-by-step can be found over on, but here’s the short version. Again, take an old NES console, gut it, and add a couple hinges. The trickiest part seems to be removing all the little plastic posts inside… Read More

  • Touchscreen PSP mod

    The creator of this mod can totally have my babies. This is essentially a touchscreen bolted onto a PSP and it works perfectly, ensuring you’ll never have to flip that little analog stick over to the right letter to type. It seems to work perfectly and he even goes into detail, below, on how he built it. Read More

  • Hack together a nine-cell battery for the MSI Wind

    If you’re not yet turned off by MSI’s recent price hikes or you have a three-cell version of the Wind already, a post over in the MSI Wind Forums details how to turn the small-ish three-cell battery into a whopping nine-cell battery. It looks relatively easy if you’re really determined, although I’d likely not attempt anything that involved slicing the battery open with… Read More

  • Nintendo sues makers of DS hacking hardware

    The modding issue has always been a touchy one. In case you’re not aware of it, there are available for almost every game console or handheld a number of hardware-based hacks that allow one to play pirated games and/or homebrew applications. These range from simple boot discs to soldering extra connectors to your console’s boards to simple flash drive-based frontends that take… Read More

  • Old NES cartridge modded into portable emulator

    Ah nostalgia. An enterprising individual over at the BenHeck forums has “basically cannibalized a OneStation” into an old NES cartridge that runs on three N-cell batteries (commonly found in certain scientific calculators). The innards of the cartridge house a 99-in-1 chip which should provide nearly endless hours of entertainment and contain most of your favorite NES… Read More

  • Video: Rad Roomba hacked into a Pacman

    Not only do we bring you a video of a Roomba that’s been converted into a Bluetooth-controlled real-life Pacman, but we bring you a video of how it was done and it munching dirt in action. This is, of course, a hack, not something you can pick up yourself. And it’s in Japanese. But it’s still cool. We’re still trying to find the Donkey Kong-mod for throwing barrels… Read More

  • Gaming on the go with the portable Dreamcast

    Sure, it’s not the most portable of portables, but if you long for the simpler days of Dreamcast, why not build a version you can take almost anywhere? Also, a note to the guy who sold me the broken Dreamcast at the Detroit Lakes, MN flea market last summer; I want my $20 back. I’m coming after you like a tornado made of arms, teeth, and fingernails. via Nowhere Else 2.0 Read More

  • Guitar Hero pedal used for one-handed gameplay

    Here’s Ben Heckendorn’s latest invention. It’s a pedal for Guitar Hero (and presumably Rock Band) that controls the strumming and whammy bar functions, so people with only one good arm (and presumably chronic masturbators) can rock out like everyone else. Heckendorn built the pedal for the Games for Health conference. These replace the strum and whammy bar from a… Read More

  • Giant working NES controller coffee table

    Yama hama. For my friends and family out there who have complained that I’m impossible to shop for, the above video contains an example of the type of gift that I’d really, truly enjoy. All you’d have to do is craft a giant NES controller out of medium density fiberboard (MDF) and wire the corresponding buttons up as they’re connected inside a standard controller. Is… Read More

  • Ben Heckendorn's Apple IIgs hardware mod

    Remember the Apple IIgs? I had an Apple IIc but my friend across the street had the Apple IIgs, the lucky bastard. Oh what I wouldn’t give to be a kid again. Not a care in the world except trying to get from the castle to the bottom of the mountain without falling to my death in King’s Quest III. Anyway, Ben Heckendorn has built a gorgeous laptop version of the Apple IIgs with… Read More

  • Radness: Water-cooled Xbox 360 mod

    My Xbox 360 overheats badly. So badly in fact that its best if I put it in the window next to my TV to play Halo 3, let it crash out when I’m mid-frag. I’ve picked up the Intercooler from Amazon and it makes things a little better, but if my radiator kicks on I know I’ve got about 3 minutes until I’m kaput. I should try something like Michael Hurt’s water-cooled Xbox. Read More

  • BenHeck's one-handed Xbox 360 controller

    [photopress:benheck36000.jpg,full,right] World class modder Benjamin J. Heckendorn—BenHeck—has “dropped” a new Xbox 360 controller mod for us all to admire. It’s a one-handed controller that’s still powered by two AA batteries. You may recognize the D-Pad on the controller—that’s because it’s from the PlayStation. Mr. Heck is currently… Read More

  • Steampunk Mac Mini wedding gift looks amazing

    Now that’s a good looking Streampunk mod right there. Dave Veloz made a Mac Mini into a Victorian-style computer system (just like the computers they had back then) as a gift for his wife on their wedding day. It includes such intricate details as a brass-looking flat panel monitor mounted to a granite base. Unbelievable and very cool. Photos from Steampunk Remake… Read More

  • Use VNC and your iPhone as a touch pad

      Nice. This is an adaptation of VNsea called “” that allows you to use your iPhone as a computer touchpad by leveraging VNC remote networking technology. I’d guess it’d work with an iPod Touch as well but mine’s not jailbroken and nobody on the source site seems to have tried it, so your mileage may vary. As a side note, there’s some… Read More

  • Wii one step closer to homebrew games?

    A message posted over at apparently details an exploit for the Nintendo Wii that can be run using The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. The exploit basically involves crashing the game and then injecting code into it. So far, only four custom lines have been run but I have a feeling it won’t be long until this gets broken open even further. Read More

  • Make your own gun-shaped Wii controller holder

    If the thought of spending $20 on a piece of molded plastic is enough to make you want to write a strongly worded letter back home complaining about how much everything in the big city costs, maybe you could make your own nunchuck-less Wii zapper out of cereal box cardboard or some spare plastic acrylate sheets. Everyone’s got some spare plastic acrylate sheets lying around… Read More

  • Boost your cell phone reception, MacGyver-style Ah, I remember when I was working for Verizon when a similar line of Moto phones came out (maybe five years ago) and there was an actual external antenna that you could buy to juice the signal a bit. Here’s how to make your own. This actually looks to improve the signal quite a bit — even moreso than the add-on… Read More

  • God, I don't ask for much but let this be real someday

    This would be one of those devices that’s so simply ingenious that you can’t believe you didn’t think of it first. A Foleo-esque iPhone/iPod Touch snap-in housing where the face of your device became the trackpad. I want one and although Apple likely won’t be announcing this exact device today, maybe one of you enterprising modders can make it happen. Most of the… Read More