• Sega Dreamcast + iMac = iCast

    In what may qualify as nostalgia overload, an enterprising Canadian has replaced the insides of an old all-in-one iMac with a Sega Dreamcast console. The end result is the iCast. Read More

  • Glowing Apple logo on an MSI Wind alleviates need for actual Apple netbook

    If you’ve been waiting patiently for an Apple netbook – something the company’s not even close to announcing – you might want to pass the time with an MSI Wind loaded up with OSX and modded with an honest, glowing Apple logo from an old iBook lid. Read More

  • DIY: Make an earbud detangler/protector from an old contact lens case

    An experiment, if you will. Place two sets of headphones in opposite corners of an empty room and leave for 15 minutes. When you return, you’ll find them both in the middle of the room, tangled together into a knotted mess. For extra fun, try this experiment when you’re running late for an important meeting. You’ll find that they’ve doubled the knots and tied them… Read More

  • Homebrew boombox PC

    Joey Hess, a developer contributing to Debian GNU/Linux, has shoehorned a fully functional PC into a portable boombox stereo. Two USB ports are embedded in what used to be the CD eject button, and the computer’s LEDs are visible where the CD slot used to be. The tape deck has been repurposed to provide access to a 4-port USB hub. “Hit Stop/Eject to change USB keys. :-)” Read More

  • Tiny Wiimote mod is a Wee-mote

    If you are a tiny, tiny person and the Wiimote is just too chunky for your tiny, tiny hands, then maybe you should attempt this miniaturization mod to turn your Wiimote into… a Weemote. More inside from the maker of the hempmote. Read More

  • Web-based dog food dispenser lets you leave your pets alone for days

    A kid named Tyler made this. A kid! Well done, young man. The “Internet Dog Feeder” consists of an ioBridge and a continuously-rotating servomechanism controlled via a web interface consisting of a video camera that shows your dog’s bowl and “Feed Dog” and “Stop Feeding Dog” hyperlinks. Read More

  • Multi-touch on the G1 is here

    Do you have balls of steel? If you answered “YES!” or “SORT OF!” then you might have what it takes to flash the firmware on your T-Mobile G1 in order to get this multi-touch hack up and running, courtesy of developer Luke Hutchison. Read More

  • Ben Heck shows off one and only PC mod from back in 2004, the ‘MGDpc’

    All-star modder Ben Heckendorn takes a walk down memory lane with the (surprisingly) one and only PC case mod he’s ever built. It’s a computer ensconced in an empty 18-pack of Miller Genuine Draft that he built back in 2004 when he “needed a portable computer to do the looping for [his] independent film but was too cheap to buy a laptop.” Read More

  • Real-life Xbox 360 ‘dashboard’

    Sometimes you can’t wait to get home to play Xbox 360. If that’s you, might I suggest that you use the interior of this Suzuki as a jumping-off point for your very own in-car video game system? Read More

  • Man alive, 15 Xbox mods that are marginally impressive!

    Oh, lists. Nothing is quite as boring as the “Top 10 Who Cares of Current Year.” (Speaking of which, we’re wrapping up our own end-of-the-year lists right now. Look for them next week!) Speaking of lists, Unreality Magazine, which seems to be where lists go to die (“Most Soul Sucking Video Games,” “Best Movie Gunfights,” “Memorable Movie… Read More

  • Fallout 3 mod tools now ready to roll

    I’m sure we’re going to be seeing a lot of extra Vaults out there in a couple weeks — Fallout fanfiction forums are, I’m sure, just flamin’ hot right now. With any luck, they’ll make a few dungeons that are actually challenging. On normal difficulty (I know…) I ended the game with about 80 stimpacks and at least 20 mini-nukes unused. At that point… Read More

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