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Good riddance: 2,500 cheaters banned from Modern Warfare 2

<img src="" />What is the allure of cheating in video games online? Who takes team deathmatches so seriously that he needs unlimited ammo,

Why play through Modern Warfare 2 single-player when you can watch this 60-second synopsis?

<img src="" />Is saying “I play <a HREF=""><i>Modern Warfare 2</i></a> for the single-

Video: Crazy kid goes crazy because he's not very good at Modern Warfare 2

So we’re in agreement: this kid is crazy, right? He’s ranting about losing in Modern Warfare 2, then proceeds to freak out. I damn near started chanting “EC DUB! EC DUB!” when he attem

Wherein we discuss: No Russian, the controversial Modern Warfare 2 level (and the game's subsequent banning in Russia)

<img src="" />Note: This post contains <a HREF=""><i>Modern Warfare 2</i></a> spoile

Modern Warfare 2 gets dedicated servers while angels sing above

<img src="">All around the world, virgins and baby seals are weeping in joy as dedicated servers have finally been enabled in <a href="http:

Modern Warfare 2 hacked to reveal dev console, tweaks, etc

<img src="" />Now, it's not this blog's intention to post every little bit of gaming news (or is it?), but this is a more signal eve

So much for that PC version Modern Warfare 2 boycott

Thank you, PC Gamer How’s that Modern Warfare 2 boycott going? Well, judging by this screenshot, it seems that many of y’all were either bluffing, or simply couldn’t resist the tempt

Activision has sold many copies of Modern Warfare 2

<img src="" />Activision's <a HREF=""><i>Modern Warfare 2</i></a> racked up $310 millio

What's the bigger seller: New Super Mario Bros. Wii or Modern Warfare 2?

<img src="" />So by now you probably already have <a HREF="

Look! A Modern Warfare 2 aimbot and wall hack

So sad. Hours after Modern Warfare 2 was released, an aimbot and wall hack surface. Feel free to vent about Infinity Ward in comments below. I won’t stop you.

Things to do today that have nothing to do with Modern Warfare 2

<img src="" />I know that there's a certain of percentage of people who want nothing to do with <a HREF="

Modern Warfare 3 gets previewed by ONN

Even more Modern Warfare 2 reviews have surfaced: It's good

<img src="" />You know what day it is! Herein lies my usual review round-up (see <a HREF="

First reviews of Modern Warfare 2 published: Two perfect scores

<img src="" />So to recap: <a HREF="

GameStop given permission to break Modern Warfare 2 street date (Update: Actually, no permission has been given at all. Fancy that.)

<img src="" />It's madness, friends! Stores are selling <i>Modern Warfare 2</i> early, but Activision never said this could happen!

Hasn't Infinity Ward earned your trust for Modern Warfare 2?

<img src="">Everyone knows that <a href="">Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2</a> is almost here

Best Buy to sell Modern Warfare 2 at midnight and fuel your gaming obsession even more

<img src="">Look out, Walmart. Best Buy is going to sell <a href="">Modern Warefare 2</a

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Launch Trailer (it's epic)

Put all the Modern Warfare 2 controversy crap behind of you for just a minute and a half. Forget about the lack of PC dedicated server support and that you *might* kill civilians in the game. Just wat

Modern Warfare 2 for Xbox 360 leaked all over the Internet (a full week before its official release)

<img src="" />As I cleverly remarked in the official CrunchGear chat room, that a video game leaks a few days before its release is p

Tread lightly re: GameStop's Modern Warfare 2 pre-order $20 ‘deal’

<img src="" />So GameStop has what I can only call a scheme for <i>Modern Warfare 2</i>. (Have we officially decided to not call it <i>Cal
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