Time 4 Machine promises to bring us back to an age of metal and clockwork

The tinging of tiny hammers from the heart of Dwarf Mountains may now be lost to the mists of time but you, my friend, can still make magically complex metallic contrivances in the comfort of your own

A Designer Is Making 3D Models Of The Nasties In The D&D Monster Manual

You are in a large room. There is a basket in the northeast corner and a door to your right. It is paved in cobblestones and there is blood on the stones in the center of the room. Your party enters f

Print Your Own Crossguard Lightsaber

Star Wars fans rejoice: you can now print your own lightsaber on your 3D printer and even design your own crossguard saber just like that one dude in the new movie. LeFabShop, a French 3D printing out

Today Is The Day You Become A Man: Hand-Welded AT-AT Available For $450

<img src="" />Conceptually, this AT-AT made of old computer parts is amazing. It's well-detailed

Awesome model of wrecked AT-AT; read this entry with a faux aristocratic British accent for best effect

In the great war between the Rebellion and the evil Empire, there were casualties on both sides that cannot be counted. Suffice it to say that each contender made a mark on the other, swapping lightsa

This is how you sell LCD TVs

That little peanut is holding a big TV. Either she’s freakishly strong or the TV itself is unbelievably light. Any proud owner of a handful of LCD TVs and monitors would tell you that they&#8217

Blackberry Curve = 8300

Browsing through the dark webs of the internet this morning, I stumbled upon a BGR article that explains how RIM is now directing traffic from to I supp