• Ironhack raises $3 million for its coding bootcamp

    Ironhack raises $3 million for its coding bootcamp

    As the focus on new educational models and coding bootcamps continues to attract attention (rightly or wrongly) as a cure for the world’s economic woes, Ironhack, a coding bootcamp with campuses in Madrid, Barcelona, Paris and Miami, has snagged $3 million in financing. Read More

  • European Fashion Startups See High Growth Potential In The Global Online Sales Market

    Europe is known for its high-end fashion culture, and technology seems to be making it easier for the world to discover and access those much sought-after items from this region of the world. But there are differences in discovery and online shopping trends from culture to culture throughout the globe. Read More

  • Seoul, Korea at a 1:1500 scale

    Am I the only one who finds large-scale miniatures slightly ironic? If anyone else does, they obviously don’t find them ironic enough to stop making them. The Seoul Museum of History just finished up a full-city recreation that takes up a whopping 317.29-square meters. Read More

  • Japan gets awesome Space Battleship Yamato model

    Space Battleship Yamato is the name of a (rather short-lived) Japanese science fiction anime series that was aired on TV in countries other than Nippon some 20 to 30 years ago (outside Japan the anime and the movie versions are also known as Star Blazers or Space Cruiser Yamato). And now, the series’ very cool, eponymous spaceship gets a very pretty model version [JP]. Read More

  • Can't afford a Canon 1D? Make one out of balsa wood

    Now that’s the do-it-yourself spirit! Now if only I could afford some balsa wood. This little project looks like a lot of fun if you’re really good at carpentry. Shape the surface of the pentaprism portion, the shutter release guard circumference and both shoulders of the upper portion of the camera. Then create the upper portion of the eyecup. What?! I can’t just… Read More