10 gizmos and gifts to encourage kids to learn to code

Welcome to the 2016 TechCrunch Holiday Gift Guide! We’ll be rolling out a bunch of guides leading up to Christmas, hopefully making your holiday shopping a little easier. Looking for gifts for o

CyanogenMod Team Gets Android Working On HP TouchPad

There have been <a href="">a flurry of efforts</a> in recent days aimed at getting a workable version of Android up-and-

RC model of Star Trek USS ENTERPRISE swimming underwater (video)

<img src="" /> I'm not an RC gadget expert, but modding static model kits of space ships so that they're water-proof and

Nerf Vulcan hacked into chaingun

<img src="" />We all know that modding a Nerf gun to fire up to 500 rounds per minute is not easy at all without a proper guide. Fort

Fallout 3 mod tools now ready to roll

I’m sure we’re going to be seeing a lot of extra Vaults out there in a couple weeks — Fallout fanfiction forums are, I’m sure, just flamin’ hot right now. With any luck,

New Wii versions have mod-chip countermeasures

Well played, Nintendo. With this stout defense, you have thwarted forever the aspirations of the evil modders. After all, how will a community of seasoned professionals with a deep understanding of yo

Overclock your DS lite with this custom case

One thing I’ve found when playing emulated NES, SNES, and GBA games is that many of them are incredibly long, and for no good reason. For example: Dragon Warrior. Great game. Unfortunately, the

Modder sends Xbox to fat camp, builds ‘Xbox Slim’

Ooh la la, will you look at this? There’s an Xbox stuffed in that little white case. A modder over on the Xbox Scene forums turned his big, fat, portly Xbox into a svelte, nimble “Xbox Slim” and

WANT: Portable SNES

That’s a SNES you’re looking at up there. The portablized version is detailed over at forums. Lots of photos from every angle show the creation in all its glory. Nicely done. Power is

Nintendo sues makers of DS hacking hardware

The modding issue has always been a touchy one. In case you’re not aware of it, there are available for almost every game console or handheld a number of hardware-based hacks that allow one to p

BIOS modding strikes again: turn your Geforce 9600 into an 8800GTS

Back in the day, the cool thing to do was to modify your lower-end Radeon 9800 into a 9800Pro, or at least something like it, by essentially drawing on it with a pencil. Well, here’s a sequel th

Ben Heckendorn's Apple IIgs hardware mod

Remember the Apple IIgs? I had an Apple IIc but my friend across the street had the Apple IIgs, the lucky bastard. Oh what I wouldn’t give to be a kid again. Not a care in the world except tryin

DIY Strawz to Take Drinking Stuff to a Whole New Level

Up until now, straws were straight tubes of disposable soft plastic that your parents would use to transfer various liquids from cup-like containers into their dry, smelly mouths. Thanks to ThinkGeek.

Meet The iTop

Crafty DIYer Owen was the owner of a shiny new iPod before the screen started breaking. It broke and voided his iPod’s warranty, so he went and took the iPod’s case and cut it apart. He ad

Coffee-Modding Wakes Up

We’re all about modding your stuff here at the CG, from computer cases to cell phone unlock codes and everything in between. But sometimes something comes across our desks that make us take noti

Antec Brings Spot Cool Fans to American Market

This is a rather “cool” idea (HAHA!) from Antec as a way to keep the hottest parts of your computer from going nuclear. Do-it-yourself computer modding is getting more and more insane as p