• Video: Wii hacked to run copied games, no modchip necessary

    In a move that’ll surely cause a bit of controversy in the Nintendo Wii homebrew scene, a gent by the name of Waninkoko has released the above video of the Wii booting a copied-and-cracked ISO off of a burned DVD, no modchip necessary. Though it wouldn’t be all that difficult to fake a video like this, we have no reason to believe that it’s anything but legit. The Wii… Read More

  • Nintendo Fights Back Against Modchips

    Nintendo is fighting back against Modchip manufacturers and modders with an altered circuit layout on the newest shipment of Wii’s. The move isn’t all that surprising, but Taiwanese retail channels are saying revised modchips could be available within a month. If you recently purchased a Wii and you have plans to mod it then I’d think twice. Because of the new altered… Read More

  • WiiXT Modchip Allows DVD Playback On The Wii

    With no PS3 modchip in sight, it seems hackers and tinkerers have moved on to thoroughly exploiting the Nintendo Wii. WiiXT, the latest modchip to come out of hiding, is being touted as the “Ultimate Wii Modchip” by its creators. Why? Maybe because it’ll allow any Wii or Gamecube backup to be played, keeps VC support, and allows region-free playback of DVDs. It looks like a… Read More

  • CycloWiz Wii Mod Chip Reviewed!

    The chaps over at Maxconsole have taken the CycloWiz Wii mod chip and put it through its paces. Here’s the quick and easy version of what they thought of the CycloWiz mod chip. Read More