A PC gaming site had to ban political troll mods for games, because nowhere is safe

NexusMods, a large platform and gathering place for modding PC games, has banned all content relating to the U.S. elections following a flood of troll content, saying “we’ve decided to wip

In-game app-development platform Overwolf acquires CurseForge assets from Twitch to get into mods

Overwolf, the in-game app-development toolkit and marketplace, has acquired Twitch’s CurseForge assets to provide a marketplace for modifications to complement its app development business. Sinc

Papa, what’s a shitpost?

As we romp further into this silly and messy political season it’s come to light that Palmer Luckey, creator of the Oculus Rift and the boy who was last seen floating in a tropical paradise on t

Cyanogen’s New MOD Platform Will Allow Developers To Deeply Integrate Their Apps Into Its OS

Typically, mobile apps are stand-alone experiences that play nicely with the operating system but aren’t fully integrated in it. Cyanogen — the company best known for its Android-based Cya

n gear 64: mod a Sega Game Gear into a N64

So you really want a portable Nintendo 64 unit. Well, modder Evil Nod can build you one, using a Sega Game Gear, and a N64. The end result may not be ergonomically correct, but at least you’ll b

Cocaine. There's an app for that.

<img src="">There are some modders out there whom I would accuse of having too much free time. Whoever made this late

Why should there not be an LCD in the Apple logo?

<img src="">Cupertino designers, eat your apple out. <a href="

DIY Shoe Phone

<img src="" />An enterprising Maker has managed to make the imaginary shoe-phone in <em>Get Smart</em> a reality. His gadget

A balsa woodbox playstation mod

<img src=""> Cramming vintage gaming consoles into random containers isn't a thing just for the handy geeks. <a href="http://forums.benh

Ghetto DIY: Homemade 12-cell battery for Eee

<img src="" alt="" />Eeeuser forum member <a href="">TenaciousDre</a> wasn’t conten

Ben Heck updates the Xbox 360 laptop with the Xbox 360 Portable

Ben Heckendorn has done it again with another Xbox 360 Portable. Unlike his last Xbox 360 Laptop though, this isn’t just an upgraded Elite version. Calling it the Xbox 360 Portable, Ben has nixe

Old NES cartridge modded into portable emulator

Ah nostalgia. An enterprising individual over at the BenHeck forums has “basically cannibalized a OneStation” into an old NES cartridge that runs on three N-cell batteries (commonly found in certa

Turn your PS3 into a Linux PC, the Popular Mechanics way

If you read the paper version of Popular Mechanics, you may have already seen this. But on the internet, if you haven’t seen it, it’s new to you — as we are constantly reminded by re

Shady 360 controller mod enables programmable actions

Macros and scripts have been a part of gaming since Doom, at the very latest Quake (probably waaay earlier, I’m pretty ignorant), when the console and "bind" commands made their debut.

Corsair 1GB Flash Voyager USB drive gets modded like never before

All this because the keychain broke. I suppose I’d try the same thing if I had the means. What won’t mechanical engineers do? Good on ya, Russell. [photopress:usb_armor11.jpg,thumb,pp_imag

Every Eee PC hack known to man

I still haven’t seen an Eee outside of a press event and if I were in the market for a small-ish laptop then I’d opt for the Eee over the Air based on the simple fact that I can upgrade th

RC controlled by N95

This is a pretty neat mod from ShakerRacer that uses the N95’s accelerometer via Bluetooth. Are our recent N95 winners willing to rig an RC with Bluetooth and test this out for us?

Apple PowerMac G4 Mailbox

This is one impressive use of an old PowerMac G4 to say the least. If I didn’t live in NYC, I’d be super-tempted to gut my PowerMac G3 tower I have laying around and use it just like this