• With ‘No Meaningful Position Beyond Flash’, Gaming Platform Mochi Media Will Close March 31

    With ‘No Meaningful Position Beyond Flash’, Gaming Platform Mochi Media Will Close March 31

    Mochi Media, a distribution and monetizing platform for Flash-based games that was acquired by Shanda Games for $80 million in 2010, is closing down, with all services ceasing March 31. The latest casualty in the decline of Flash, Mochi’s shut-down is also a message to those businesses built on it to diversify or perish. Read More

  • Mochi Media Fund Spreads $400,000 Across 20 Online Game Developers

    In March of this year, Mochi Media announced that it had established a $10 million game developer fund in partnership with Shanda Games, which had just acquired the company for $80 million. The company tells us that it has invested about $400,000 in 20 developers (or rather, developers teams) so far. The first three games of some of these developers are launching today, with another one… Read More

  • Mochi Media Launches $10 Million Investment Fund, Rolls Out Social Gaming Platform

    Fresh off an $80 million acquisition by Shanda Games, Flash game advertising network and payments platform Mochi Media is launching a social gaming platform and a $10 million fund to invest in game developers. Mochi Social allow developers to build social features into their games such as inviting friends, sending gifts, or posting to an activity stream. Mochi Social allows for the ability… Read More

  • Confirmed: Ex-Yahoo To Run Microsoft Silicon Valley Ads Team Amid Exits From Mochi Media

    Another day, another former Yahoo VP going to work for Microsoft. This time it’s Eric Boyd, a former VP of Engineering at Yahoo, who more recently held the same title at gaming startup Mochi Media. Boyd is leaving Mochi to run the Silicon Valley ad group for Microsoft, after being recruited heavily by former mentor Qi Lu, who now runs online services for Microsoft, we’ve learned. Read More

  • Mochi Media Network Attracts Nearly 100 Million Online Gamers A Month (comScore)

    Mochi Media, a well-financed San Francisco startup that operates a decentralized network of Flash-based online games and gaming websites and offers developers a way to distribute, monetize and get statistical information about their games, sure has done a good job growing its network to a significant size since it debuted its public beta product back in October 2007. Sometime next week… Read More

  • Nonoba Enters The Flash Games Arena With GameRise, A "Ning For Gaming Sites"

    We already had HeyZap, the “YouTube for Flash games” and Game Curry, a search engine for Flash games, so not that much of a surprise we now have a “Ning for Flash games” that lets anyone create a gaming website much like Marc Andreessen’s service does the same for social networking sites. Danish startup / gaming community Nonoba is taking a crack at just that… Read More

  • Exodus Watch: MySpace Loses A Sales Exec To Mochi Media

    With MySpace failing to meet its internal revenue targets, executives there whose compensation is tied to those targets may now be more open to job offers from startups. Mochi Media, for instance, just hired Carol Werner as its VP of sales. Previously, she was in charge of West Coast sales for MySpace. If more MySpace execs follow her, Yahoo won’t be the only big Web company that needs… Read More

  • Mochi Media Gaia Contest, And A Quick Q&A

    San Francisco based Mochi Media is a company we first wrote about in November 2006 and more recently in October as they release their 2.0 platform. The company offers flash based embedded advertising for some of the biggest games in the fast growing Flash online casual gaming segment, such as for Kongregate. I caught up with the company yesterday for a chat, and to learn more about what… Read More

  • Mochi Media Moves Out Of Closed Beta

    Mochi Media has announced the launch of MochiAds 2.0, a self-service advertising marketplace for game developers looking to monetize and share their creations. MochiAds has to date been in invitation-only beta, with 1,000 game developers participating. The new version offers ad serving that takes less than five minutes to implement and provides a variety of new features including a dashboard… Read More