• STAVI: Japan Gets New Mobility Robot

    We’ve covered quite a few mobility robots from Japan in the past months, and now Sanwa Hitech [JP] is presenting yet another model. Their so-called Stavi (short for “Standing Vehicle”) is a successor to the RODEM, a robot that we covered in June this year. The Stavi can be used while standing, and it can also be accessed easily by persons sitting in wheel chairs (see the… Read More

  • Videos: Mobile robot RODEM

    There’s certainly no shortage of so-called mobility robots, but major Japanese robot maker tmsuk‘s offering seems to be quite cool. In fact, the RODEM (short for “Robot De Enjoy Mobility”) is being pitched as a mix between robot, wheelchair and ultra-small vehicle (or “Universal Vehicle” [JP, PDF], in tmsuk’s marketing language). Read More

  • Sanyo Katana Eclipse on the way, launches on Bell Mobility

    The Sanyo Katana was just one of those phones that just stayed on the shelves for way longer than anyone expected. But why? Sure, it had some pretty well-marketed TTY features, but that’s nothing unique. Oh – and it was Dr. Turk’s phone on Scrubs. Whatever the cause, it’s one of the few phones that Sprint might still pitch at you two years after launch. Well… Read More