YC Alum MobileWorks Aims To Make Acquiring Users Easier (For A Price) With LeadGenius

Startup founders, especially those up to their necks in product development, don’t always have the head for building the kinds of customer bases required to keep their business afloat. That&#821

Backed By Andreessen, Virtual Workforce MobileWorks Completes 1M Tasks For Startups In 1st Year

<a target="_blank" href="">MobileWorks</a> launched last summer with a simple, yet big mission: Build a viable alternative for <a target="_blank" href="http://en.wikipedia.

YC-Funded MobileWorks Aims To Be A Hands-Off Mechanical Turk

If you regularly have to deal with a lot of repetitive data entry or sorting, there's a good chance you're familiar with services like Amazon's Mechanical Turk. The promise is appealing: you can hire