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  • MTV Europe Mobile Moves Into Social TV With Digital Agency AKQA

    MTV Europe Mobile Moves Into Social TV With Digital Agency AKQA

    Viacom’s MTV is making one more move into trying to capture the youth market on the platform where it’s increasingly spending most of its time: the company, in partnership with digital agency AKQA, has launched “Under The Thumb,” a new social TV app. MTV and Viacom are calling this a “world first” in that it will let users watch MTV content on the mobile… Read More

  • MetroPCS Launching Live Mobile TV Service Later This Year

    MetroPCS Launching Live Mobile TV Service Later This Year

    Today, MetroPCS has announced a partnership with the Mobile Content Venture (MCV) on a new service that will bring live digital television to the carrier’s customers. The service, called Dyle Mobile TV, will be available on phones that are pre-loaded with the Dyle application, starting first with unnamed, Android-based Samsung devices. Read More

  • Vizio launches Mobile Razor LED TV

    Uh oh, looks like the mobile TV might be heating up. Vizio announced today that they are launching a mobile TV unit, the “Mobile Razor LED”. Read More

  • 2010 World Cup tipped to be mobile TV's coming of age

    Mobile TV—that is, live TV on your cellphone—is still sorta “meh,” it’s fair to say. That’s why the news that the 2010 World Cup in South Africa is seen by some, including Nokia, as the event that will bring the technology to the forefront, is certainly welcome. After all, nothing attracts eyeballs quite like the World Cup—sort of in the same way that… Read More

  • MediaFLO adds three new all-news-all-the-time channels

    Qualcomm’s mobile TV arm, MediaFLO has expanded its news coverage, just in time for the U.S. presidential race. The mobile TV service will now include three new 24/7 news channels: CNBC and MSNBC from NBC Universal and FOX News. MediaFLO said the news services were timed to launch for the political party convention season. MediaFLO USA’s mobile TV service is available to… Read More

  • Move Networks brings TV to Intel's MIDs

    Internet TV service Move Networks announced that it will bring its media player to Intel Atom-based Mobile Internet Devices. As part of the joint development Intel demonstrated Move’s streaming technology for MIDs at its Developer Forum in San Francisco this week. Move’s suggested uses for streaming TV to MIDs include: “a sports fan could view a live football game in… Read More

  • Fujitsu's new handset allows for underwater TV, if you're into that kinda thing

    Yesterday I had a moment of panic when I dropped my main mobile phone — Helio’s Ocean — into a mug of hot, steamy coffee. It got wet. Yes, there’s irony in the name, thanks. The phone freaked out. The Ocean’s a tank, it’s taken some abuse in its time, but I’ve always kept it dry. Eventually it dried out and now it’s working fine, but if I… Read More

  • Review: Samsung Access, AT&T Mobile TV

    The Access from Samsung is the more economical choice for those looking to drop some coin on AT&T’s Mobile TV service. The candy bar from Samsung fared much better than the LG Vu in terms of service quality, but its screen is much smaller and the rest of the phone is pretty plain Jane. There’s no Gmail, IMAP or POP support like the Vu. As big as the Access is there’s… Read More

  • Review: LG Vu, AT&T's Mobile TV Do we really need another reason to rot our brains on the go? Apparently we do because live TV on your phone… Read More

  • AT&T to launch Mobile TV service this Sunday

    AT&T will begin selling two handsets on Sunday, May 4th to complement its “AT&T Mobile TV with FLO” service. FLO TV, in and of itself, is not exclusive to AT&T, as it’s been available to Verizon Wireless customers since January 2007 as part of the VCast Mobile TV feature. At any rate, AT&T will soon be offering the service on the LG Vu ($299) and the… Read More

  • Samsung's P960: a sweet TV-phone for the European market

    How cool does this phone look? I love that it totally has a full antenna. Two would be even better. The P960 is the first slider with mobile TV in Europe, and it supports the Euro mobile TV standards DVB-CBMS and OMA-BCAST. Obviously there’s nothing on at the moment but color bars, but they look pretty good. I don’t think we’ll be getting this thing any time soon, since… Read More

  • AT&T MediaFlo live TV service coming May 4th? The Boy Genius Report has let loose some details on AT&T’s live TV service, MediaFLO. Apparently it’ll be available on May 4th… Read More

  • Vcast TV turns one year old, gets two new channels as a present

    [photopress:vx9400_official.jpg,full,center] Well what have we here? Just moments — literally moments — after posting about AT&T’s new mobile TV solution I get an email from Verizon about enhancements to their mobile TV solution. Verizon is adding new channels to its Vcast mobile entertainment offerings, including a bilingual version of MTV (Hi, J-Lo!) and ESPN… Read More

  • Mobile HDTV? Korea brings the future to you

    Even if you thought you didn’t need hi-def TV in your car, or while walking on the street, or while frolicking in the fields, Korea will convince you otherwise. Those crazy guys at LG have invested seven billion woolongs, er, won, in R&D just so that you can watch “Desperate Housewives” on the bus as it airs. They’ve made it so no extra frequencies are required, just… Read More

  • Nokia's DVB-H Mobile TV Standard Gets EU Blessing, Market Poised to Finally Materialize

    Mobile TV is still FUBAR here, but over in Europe and Korea (especially Korea) it’s in much better shape. And now that the EU has backed a single standard for mobile TV there—one supported by Nokia—its prospects are looking better and better. The EU has given its blessing to DVB-H, which, while annoying proponents of other standards such as Qualcomm, should kick start the… Read More

  • Samsung Announces New Mobile TV Chipset

    Samsung just released details of a high-performance, multi-standard mobile TV chip, which would allow cellphone manufacturers to enable TV on their devices regardless of country or standard. With this new technology, Samsung aims to fulfill the needs of the mobile TV industry. Yay. The new chip lets consumers choose which broadcasting service they want without having to change their device… Read More

  • Too Bad Mobile TV is Dead in the Water Here: Sharp Aquos 912SH

    It’s an incremental upgrade to be sure, but Sharp’s Aquos 912SH cellphone embodies something that’ll never take off here: mobile TV. In the Far East, however, it’s quite popular, making this phone a little more valuable there. It’s got standard-for-Japan features like HSDPA, a 3-megapixel camera with flash, e-mail and Web support and 3-inch 480 x 800-pixel… Read More

  • NBC Universal And MobiTV Announce Mobile TV On Demand Service

    NBC Universal has announced they will be providing on-demand mobile TV content in conjunction with MobiTV for the US market. Primetime NBC shows like The Office and Heroes will soon be available on your mobile phone. A slew of other NBCU channels, including USA, Bravo, SCI FI, Telemundo and mun2, will offer ad-supported programming. MobiTV will also have several ad-supported on demand shows… Read More

  • Samsung u620 Sees Light Of Day

    Verizon’s Testman webpage has given us a glimpse of the forthcoming Samsung SCH-u620. Verizon’s Mobile TV will finally be set free, and the u620 will be the first device to showcase it. All other features are pretty ho-hum, nothing to get excited about. But it will have V Cast Music, a 1.3-megapixel camera, Bluetooth, microSD slot and EVDO. Pricing is set at $149.99 with a two… Read More

  • AT&T Taps MediaFLO for Mobile Live Streaming TV

    AT&T’s wireless division (AT&T Wireless + Cingular – simple name) has chosed MediaFLO to roll out its mobile TV service. MediaFLO is a subsidiary of QUALCOMM, the all-caps wireless infrastructure and chip manufacturer. The deal means that the Q can put its TV transceivers on AT&T’s wireless access towers, sending live TV to compatible handsets on the AT&T… Read More