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  • Verizon announces trio of LG devices for summer

    I guess you have no choice but to announce a few handsets that have been leaked all over the place or it was all just coincidence. Whatever the case, Verizon Wireless has just pulled back the covers on the LG Decoy, Dare and Chocolate 3. Pricing was not disclosed, but we do know the Dare is coming later this month. The Decoy will launch on the 16th (we already knew that) and the Chocolate… Read More

  • World's first solar battery charger for cell phones

    Japanese companies StrapyaNext and Tokyo Coil Engineering claim they developed the world’s first battery charger for cell phones based on solar energy. The charger comes in the form of a phone strap. The device is 12.5 cm long and weighs 40 grams. It takes between 6 and 10 hours for a full charge with which you can talk for up to 40 minutes. StrapyaNext promises on the product page… Read More

  • Softbank presents 11 new Japanese cell phones

    Today Japanese telecommunications giant Softbank unveiled their cell phone line-up for sommer 2008. Starting in July, the company will roll out a total of 11 new handsets in Japan. 3 models are mady by Sharp, NEC and Panasonic each while 2 come from Toshiba. Nothing amazing here, but some of the handsets come with a couple of cool features. Read More

  • LG Decoy launching June 16 with Verizon

    I know nothing of the LG Decoy, but the slider appears to have a built-in Bluetooth headset, which is kind of cool. It also comes with a 2-megapixel camera and microSD slot. The Decoy will be available on June 16 for $179 after a $50 rebate with a 2-year contract. Read More

  • Samsung's latest S60 device, L870, claims Safari browser

    Yes, it’s another stainless steel bodied slider from Samsung. The S60 device features a 2.4-inch QVGA screen, MP3 player with stereo Bluetooh, a 3-megapixel camera, FM radio with RDS, and a handful of apps to keep you more productive. Seems fine and dandy, but the spec sheet reveals a “Safari” browser. It’s not Apple’s Safari browser. It’s actually the… Read More

  • Willcom unveils new designer smartphone

    Tokyo-based telecommunications company Willcom presented its newest smartphone today. The WILLCOM 03, which seems to be an iPhone competitor in some ways, was developed by Sharp. It comes with a 3 inch WVGA LCD touch screen (480×800 resolution), measures 50x116x17.9mm and weighs 135g. Other functions include compatibility to One-Seg-TV, a 2 megapixel camera, Bluetooth and a micro SD… Read More

  • HTC increases Touch Diamond shipments

    HTC CEO Peter Chou spoke at a symposium in Tokyo yesterday where he raised the projected shipment of Touch Diamond devices from two million to three million citing that it would only take seven months to sell three million units. The original Touch took roughly 11 months to sell three million handsets and Chou believes the Touch Diamond will be more popular thus the increase. Read More

  • Phillips jumping into touchscreen phone race

    Looks like Phillips is looking to get a piece of the touchscreen phone action with the X800, says Chinese site CCID. Based on the pictures they’ve obtained it looks like the UI is a mishmash of Sony’s PSP/PS3/whatever else and Samsung’s Croix interface. Details are very scant with this one, but one picture suggests it will launch in Hong Kong under Vodafone. Read More

  • Video: Nokia 6600 groped

    This video review by NokNok is fairly comprehensive and gives a great overview of the 6600 clamshell by Nokia, despite the cheese-y music. Anyone else diggin on the hinge? I can’t believe I just admitted that. Read More

  • HTC Diamond to ship this month

    The cat is out of the bag at this point on the device HTC will announce tomorrow in London. The Diamond, which Doug already gave some info on, will begin shipping the 3G device this month. According to a Goldman Sachs report, HTC is expected to ship a total of 4 million units in its life cycle. We’ll find out the exact specifics tomorrow. Read More

  • LG enV2 available tomorrow from Verizon Wireless

    LG’s latest variation of its popular enV, the enV2, will be available starting tomorrow for $129.99. The horizontal flip is diminutive in size, but packs a decent amount of features such as a full QWERTY, 2-megapixel camera with video recording capability, 2.4-inch internal screen, Stereo Bluetooth, and music player among others. The enV2 comes in black or maroon. Read More

  • Biodegradable cell phones in the works It’s a rather long video, but the University of Warwick’s Warwick Manufacturing Group is working with PVAXX Research & Development Ltd to make cell phones with biodegradable parts. It’s a pretty neat idea. Check it out. What are you doing with your old cell phones? Read More

  • LG has a Secret

    Earlier today in London, LG officially launched the third installment to their popular Black Label Series. The Secret, yes, that’s the name, features a 5-megapixel camera that can also playback video at 120fps. Carbon fiber paneling makes the handset extremely light and durable. Tempered glass keeps the LCD shiny and safe. Neon touch navigation buttons light up in a lavish blue when… Read More

  • BlackBerry Curve hits Alltel

    Is it just me or is Alltel getting a decent amount of cool devices lately? The latest device to hit Alltel store shelves is a titanium-colored BlackBerry Curve 8330. This one is akin to the Curve available on AT&T because it lacks Wi-Fi, but has GPS. A new 2-year contract will fetch the Curve at $230 starting May 1, but you can pre-order now. Read More

  • Nokia's 6212 supports NFC

    Nokia has announced the 6212, which features Near Field Communication (NFC) technology. The NFC technology is designed for simple and intuitive interaction between devices. In the case of the 6212, you can do things like tap two phones together to transfer contact information and other data, or make purchases by storing your personal data in the device and swiping it over a surface. Nokia… Read More

  • Review: Samsung M520 for Sprint

    I’ve had the M520 from Samsung for well over a month now and my previous opinion about the Sprint device hasn’t changed. It’s a great phone with some great features. Sure, it looks plain and boring, but you can’t judge a book by its cover now can you? Samsung just knows what they’re doing when it comes to sliders and the M520 is no different. In fact, I think I… Read More

  • CrunchArcade: THQ Wireless gets you inside the Playboy Mansion Grotto

    Put on your creative thinking caps, fellas. Following the launch of Playboy Mobile last week, THQ announced “Playboy Games: Pool Party” for mobile phones that let you customize your own Playmates and have them compete in pool-related activities. The Playmate Editor allows you to be as pervy as you want so you can create a voluptuous playmate to compete in various challenges, which… Read More

  • EU green lights in-flight mobile phone use

    Someone pinch me and tell me this isn’t happening. The European Commission announced today that mobile phone use over European skies has been given the go ahead. An onboard network that’s connected to a ground network is being deployed that will allow travelers to babble on and message at their leisure. Pricing hasn’t been announced but many suspect that providers will… Read More

  • LG sort of reveals third Black Label Series phone

    There are zero details regarding the third addition to the BLS, but we do know that it has a 5-megapixel camera and maybe a carbon fiber backplate. More details to come on April 24th. Read More

  • Hands on: Samsung Alias for Verizon

    In case anyone is wondering what the exact difference between the older u740 from Verizon and the new Alias is I decided to snap some photos of the two versions. Like I said before, the keyboard buttons are just different colors, but I really dig the new silver finish. Read More

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