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With New Business Suite & Samsung Partnership, Mobile Security Company Lookout Prepares To Take On The Enterprise

<a target="_blank" href="">Lookout</a>, a mobile security company which previously focused on consumer protections and anti-malware services, is today taking a step to expand it

Android Remains Main Target For Mobile Malware Writers Despite iOS Having More Vulnerabilities, Says Symantec

Mobile malware remains a small and nascent issue, especially when compared to the scale of threats crowding around desktop OSes, but the threat that is out there continues to mostly affect Google's An

Android Malware Surges Despite Google’s Efforts To Bounce Dodgy Apps Off Its Platform; F-Secure IDs 51,447 “Unique Samples” In Q3

Despite Google tightening Android's security screw, by introducing an additional layer of security to the Play Store, Android's malware problem has surged in the third quarter. Security firm F-Secure'

McAfee: Mobile Malware Explodes, Increases 1,200% In Q1 2012

Security and anti-spam firm <a href="">McAfee</a> today reported that it saw a massive uptick in mobile malware last quarter. Mobile malware has "exploded," the company said (<a h