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Share Creators wants to solve asset management mess for game developers

Finding a product-market fit isn’t always easy, but when you are the end-user experiencing a real pain point, the solution might be more obvious. That’s the case for newly funded Share Cre

Mobile’s “One Game Wonder” Problem

Mobile gaming is a massive success, but it's notable how many big game makers struggle to convert their successes into longer term franchises or other offerings. This week's King news is just another

What Games Are: Flappy Bird, Patterns And Context

It's nice to know that the games industry can still surprise you and that - just when everybody thinks it's been figured out - there's room for a Flappy Bird. It's another Dots, Temple Run, Ridiculous

What Games Are: Squeaky Bum Time

It's hard to escape the feeling in the mobile games space that times are tougher than they were. Budgets are going up, investors are staying away and the sense that there's just too many players in th

Y Combinator Alum MakeGamesWithUs Wants To Turn High School Kids Into iPhone Game Developers

<a target="_blank" href="">MakeGamesWithUs</a> is a new iOS game publishing company with a twist: its focus is on helping high school and college students to build games. MakeG