Mobeam Outs Beep’nGo Loyalty Card App For Galaxy S4 And Note 3, But Bets Its Future On Beaming Services

San Francisco startup Mobeam has been awfully quiet since it revealed a whopper of a smartphone partnership earlier this year, and today the reason for that relative silence has become clear. Mobeam a

Philadelphia Startup SnipSnap Finally Brings Its Mobile Coupon Clipping App To Android

The team at <a target="_blank" href="">SnipSnap</a> has been quietly plugging away on an Android version of its popular mobile coupon app for what seems like ages now, but the wa

Samsung Taps Mobeam To Bring Beamable Barcodes To The Galaxy S 4, Could Wallet Integration Be Next?

Samsung talked up the Galaxy S 4's features with a bit of Broadway flair here at Radio City Music Hall, but there still are some neat additions to the device that didn't get a moment in the spotlight.

Mobeam Adds $1.5M To Series A Following Partnership With P&G

<a href="">Mobeam</a>, the San Francisco-based startup whose technology enables mobile phones to interact with laser scanners at the point of sale, has added another $1.5 million

Mobeam Raises $4.9M For Light-Based Communications Technology

<a href="">Mobeam</a> this morning announced that it has raised $4.9 million in a Series A round of funding from Samsung Ventures, Mitsui, yet2Ventures and other unnamed investors

Mobeam: Scan Your Cellphone At the Supermarket

I was never big on those “take a picture of a barcode and buy Britney tickets” schemes so popular with mobile solutions providers, but this sort of turns that whole concept on its head. Mo