This candy sorting machine isn’t the hero the world wants but it’s the hero the world needs

War. Famine. Drought. Imagine Dragons. The world is full of horror and what better way to assuage that grief then by watching this M&M and Skittles sorting machine do its amazing work in real time

Whistle’s ‘Fitbit for dogs’ acquired by Mars Petcare

Whistle, the “Fitbit for dogs,” has found a home at Mars Petcare, TechCrunch has learned. The maker of Snickers and M&M’s also has a large pet division and has plans to integrate Whist

Hangouts 1.3 Will Reportedly Add SMS, Giving Android Its Own iMessage Equivalent

Google is said to be prepping an update to its Hangouts instant messaging/video chat Android app that would allow it to integrate with SMS, making it possible to get all text and MMS messages right in

Mogreet Releases APIs To Let Developers Quickly Add SMS, Video, Rich Media Messaging To Apps

<a target="_blank" href="">Mogreet</a>, the Los Angeles-based startup that provides brands and marketers with a distribution platform for mobile video messaging, today announce

Shoot The Web With A Stolen Game By M&Ms – UPDATE

Yeah, this is some viral marketing BS but it is, to be fair, fun. M&Ms in Denmark have prepared a violent game involving two M&Ms who move through the Internet, destroying things like a pair o

AT&T iPhone 3G and 3G S officially getting MMS on September 25

<img src="" /> After months of <a href="

Exciting rumor: iPhone 3G S may finally get MMS next week

<img src="" />The iPhone 3G S launched a few months ago, but AT&T users haven't been able to take advantage of a few much vau

Trick for enabling MMS on the iPhone – UPDATE

<img src="" />A reader, one <a HREF="">Mr. Dude</a>

AT&T FAQ reveals no extra charges for MMS

AT&T will not be charging subscribers extra for MMS when it rolls out, according to an FAQ (PDF) that iLounge found online. Just thought you should know. I was worried about that and now it looks

Paper: Sexting really isn't a big deal, won't ruin teens' lives

<img src="" />We've all heard of “sexting,” when teens send nude photos of themselves to each other via text message (well, MMS). Sc

MMS coming to iPhone 3G!!! OMG! WOW! *

MMS is coming to the iPhone 3G! Buy stock in Apple! * Note: 3G only available in Finland and on the Telia network. This post does not in any way imply that Apple and/or AT&T will offer MMS support

iPhone 3G could have MMS

An internal AT&T memo states that the iPhone 3G supports MMS. This is all conjecture but interestingly enough all of the plans offered by AT&T make no mention of MMS or even text limits, which

Cell stalker gets unlucky with MMS video, gets arrested

Just because you’re unlucky doesn’t mean you’re inept with technology. Take, for example, this story. A woman goes to her local police station to complain that a creep was stalking h

Put your photos on M&M's

Mars is starting a new service called M&M Faces which will allow you to slap your mug on a bunch of M&Ms. The service follows M&M’s original My M&Ms service which allowed you to

Man sued by woman for sending nude pictures messages to phone she bought from him

Working in retail is hard work, especially in the electronics field, but sometimes your interactions with people on a daily basis lead to new relationships. I worked at a big box retailer for about th

AT&T raising SMS/MMS rates

Yep, that’s right, folks. Starting March 30, 2008, your standard SMS rate will now be 20 cents and MMS rates will be 30 cents. If you’re on an all-you-can-eat plan then it doesn’t ma

New Sidekicks will include unlimited MMS messages

The new Sidekick Slide and Sidekick LX will be capable of sending MMS (images, audio, video, etc.) messages and doing so will be included with your plan, according to Joshua Karp over on BGR. These ne

Verizon Pioneers MMS Uploading…NOT!!!

Verizon may be able to call themselves the most reliable voice and data network in the country, but they’re certainly not the first to allow users to upload videos to YouTube via MMS. The fact that

YouTube Mobile Launches

YouTube just launched a new service optimized for mobile devices. A few days ago we mentioned how the Gen-5 Archos players are the only mobile devices to play flash vids smoothly. Maybe this will give

Those Chinese Love Them Some Texting

If you thought your high school girlfriend sent a lot of SMSs, wait ’till you see what China is predicting. The Xinhua news agency said Monday that it expects over 14 billion text messages to be
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