EVE Online Saw $66M In Revenue Last Year, Mulls IPO

CCP Games, the makers of the massively multiplayer online role-playing game EVE Online, says the company brought in $66 million in revenue last year. The game, a science fictional adventure set in

An MMO top-down shooter? Sign me up! Oh, it's only for Koreans

<img src="" />I'm a huge shoot-em-up fan. I have, at this moment, at least 113 "shmups" installed on my computer (mostly from <a href="h

Star Wars: The Old Republic MMO revealed

The long-awaited announcement for the joint venture between LucasArts and BioWare has taken place, and it’s pretty much what everyone expected: an MMO set in the world of Knights of the Old Repu

Warhammer Online system req's: quite low

It’s nice that the Crysis effect isn’t applied to every game — that is to say, not everything that comes out thinks it needs to leapfrog the system requirements of its competitors. W

Second Skin, an MMORPG documentary

I thought Darkon was going to be cool, but this looks even more interesting. It’s a documentary film about the ways, positive and negative, in which MMORPGs like World of Warcraft, Everquest and

PMOG: It's what the kids like

I reread this story about five times and I still don’t understand it. I’m sure Mike knows what’s up — he’s a level 50 dwarf tank in WoW — but I sure as heck don&#82

MUD Creator Richard Bartle on MMORPGS

If Richard Bartle were dead, he’d be rolling over in his grave! Richard Bartle is the guy you need to thank for bringing you obesity, acne, and an obsession with the Wyrmbog in Dustwallow Marsh.

LoTR Online: I Just Wet My Pants

I’m not a big MMO gamer, but I’ve been hoping and dreaming on LoTR Online since I was a baby in my mother’s womb. I actually have a boxed copy upstairs and I’m about to install