• Smoking Mittens challenge Smittens in fight for ‘World’s Dumbest Mittens’ title

    Two months ago, I brazenly called Smittens – the mittens built for compulsory hand-holding – the “World’s dumbest mittens”. Now a new contender has emerged in the Smoking Mittens – an unassuming pair of mittens with a small hole for a cigarette. Read More

  • Smittens: World’s dumbest mittens

    These mittens are called “Smittens” because they’re mittens for lovers. Your outside hands will be free to grab, poke, and point at things, while your inside hands will be locked together inside a single mitten so you can interlock your fingers while you stroll about your favorite small town and/or scenic forest trail – awwww! Read More

  • Stay warm while contracting incurable cancer this winter

    Most of my female friends — yes, I have some — are smokers. Why is it? Because they’re full of angst and hate life, and they know smoking makes you exactly 26% cooler than not smoking, they’re not dumb. Anyway, Seattle this winter has been cold, far more so than last year. Thank goodness the girls at Shiny Shiny have shown me these smoking mittens that I, in turn, can… Read More