• Mitsubishi laser TV rocks my socks

    Not entirely sure how it works, but the picture quality on the 65-inch Laser TV is stunning and produces twice the color of HDTVs today. It’s the first of its kind in terms of laser tech and it also does 3D ala Real D. The Laser TV is also said to be energy efficient, but there aren’t any stats on it. Details are limited and a launch date has not been set other than a vague date… Read More

  • New Mitsubishi Display Racing to Japan

    The Mitsubishi Electric Corporation is mere weeks away from releasing a new 20.1 inch wide-screen (WSXGA+) display to consumers in Japan. As of right now, the price is speculated to be somewhere around 49,800 yen, or approximately $410 USD. One of the more interesting technologies being touted in the display is its glare panel, which Mitsubishi claims makes colors more vivid. The LCD is set to… Read More

  • NAB 2007: Biggest Darn TV I Ever Did See

    The scale here is hard to judge, as Mitsubishi hung this monster about 15 feet in the air, but this is a literal 16:9 TV: it’s 16 feet wide by 9 feet tall. Ok, not really, it’s actually a slight bit larger, but it is 1080p. And you might be thinking this is a giant LCD, but it’s not: it’s using LED technology, like the next-gen laptop displays we’ve been covering. Read More

  • Blue Screen Of Death In Your Car? AOpen and Mitsubishi Say Yes!

    AOpen and Fortune Motors (Mitsubishi’s lil guy in Taiwan) have jumped into bed together to give you the first Car PC. The Car PC comes jam packed with a Celeron M360/915 chipset, a 40 gig HD, GPS, GMA 900 graphics card, 512 MB RAM, DVD player, Windows XP and support for DirectX 9. The Blue Screen of Death is exactly what I need to cure my road rage. Mitsubishi plans to launch this in the… Read More

  • Holiday Buyer's Guide 2006: Great Tech For The Clueless

    With so much tech goodness available, it’s all too easy to forget that some of the best products are the ones that don’t require a Comp Sci degree to master. After all, just because you’re a genius and can figure out how to work the latest cell phone, computer, TV or digital camera, doesn’t mean your friends and family can. To that end we’ve put together a… Read More

  • Mitsubishi Replaces Silly Shiny Surface With LCD

    <img src=" Mitsubishi 7 inch Rear-View Camera Color LCD Display [I4U] Read More

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