The portion of VC-backed startups founded by women stays stubbornly stagnant

It was a tumultuous year for the technology industry, with sexual harassment, pay gaps and under-representation of women often dominating the headlines. And while sexism was not born in Silicon Va

Uber has fired more than 20 people over harassment probe

Uber has fired more than 20 people involved in a harassment probe, TechCrunch has confirmed. The ride share company began investigating at least 215 employees after the company was hit with sexual har

UK study quantifies Twitter’s misogyny problem

Online abuse remains the big hairy monster in the room for platforms powered by user-generated content. Twitter especially has had some very sizable and public problems with problem users. A UK thinkt

Ubisoft Shows That The Video Game Industry Needs To Work On Its Priorities

The video game industry, like the tech industry at large, has a poor history of welcoming women into its culture. That's not exactly an original sentiment, but it's something that can't be said too of

#YesAllWomen Shows That Misogyny Is Everyone’s Problem

If the actions of the U.C. Santa Barbara shooter last week turned the Internet into a crime scene, then the Web is also where we turn to grieve and try to process something that is truly incomprehensi