This DIY smart mirror is small, stunning and full of features

Several years ago Google X engineer Max Braun published a medium post on a smart mirror he made and now he’s back with a new version that’s smaller and smarter. This is a smart mirror I ca

Mirror raises $13 million for virtual fitness classes

It may seem like there are already enough on-demand fitness classes, but one startup has an idea for something a little different. Mirror is debuting an at-home device that looks like a mirror, but al

The bathroom mirror gets smart

New Kinpo Group is an odd company. Its CEO popped into our New York City offices the other week ostensibly to speak about its XYZ brand, whose budget 3D printers have shot to the top of the top spot i

Naked Labs enters the fitness tech fray with body-scanning mirror

What if your reflection in the mirror could tell you to get your lazy butt back to the gym? We have the technology. A San Francisco startup called Naked Labs began taking preorders for its 3-D body sc

Mir:ror mak:es ob_jectz smar:ter

<img src="http://www.crunchgear.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/03/1_57_product_img.jpg">Remember <a href="http://www.nabaztags.com/">Nabaztag</a>, those little rabbits that waved their ears to notify you

Proporta's Echo: Look at me! I'm hideous!

The Echo is a mirrored iPhone, iPod touch and 3G nano screen protector that drops to glossy chrome when the screen is off. The sticker is easy to apply and fairly transluscent. It costs a mere $9.95 a

Lamp Doubles as Thermal Detonator Prop

Sweden-based Flux has a designer LED lamp made of aluminum and glass called Barry that uses a curvy mirrored surface in the upper hemisphere of the 7-inch diameter device to reflect light from about 7