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Google Opens Glass Mirror API To All Developers Even If They Don’t Have Glass

In the early days of Google Glass, everybody who picked up their unit would also be whitelisted for access to the Mirror API, as Google only wanted developers with access to the actual hardware to dev

Google Announces Native Glass Developer Kit, Will Be Able To Do More Than The Mirror API

Google held a session today hosted by Timothy Jordan, developer advocate on Project Glass on how to develop for the gadget, and while most of it focused on what developers can do right now with the av

Since Photos Are Boring Without Filters, Glassagram Will Spice Up Your Google Glass Pics

Thanks to Instagram, we rarely see photos taken from camera phones without some type of filter on it. Even Twitter’s photo service uses Aviary to drop an earthy overlay or black-and-white treatm

For Developers, Google Glass Looks To Be A Fascinating But Slightly Limited Platform

Last week, Google finally released the developer guides and other necessary documents that will allow developers to write apps for Glass. In some respects, the so-called Mirror API may have been a dis

Google Releases Glass Mirror API Developer Guides And Details Best Practices, API Remains In Limited Preview

Earlier today, Google announced that it is about to ship its first Google Glass units and just in time for them to arrive, Google has now also posted the developer guidelines for its Glass Mirror API.

Google Details Glass Mirror API At SXSW, Shows Off Gmail, NYT, Evernote And Path Integrations

At SXSW this afternoon, Google provided developers with a first glance at the Google Glass Mirror API, the main interface between Google Glass, Google’s servers and the apps that developers will