Dango mind-melds with emoji using deep learning and suggests them while you type

Dango is an emoji suggestion chatbot — wait, where are you going? Stay with me, this is actually pretty cool. Okay, so Dango is one of those virtual assistants that lives in your chat apps, and this

Everything You Need To Know About iOS 8 Keyboard Permissions (But Were Afraid To Ask)

By far the most exciting thing about iOS 8 -- imho -- is the side-door it opens into Apple's walled garden to allow keyboard app makers to come on in for the first time. But what permissions are you g

Nine Alternative Keyboards For iOS 8

Apple's new mobile world order, iOS 8, ushers in support for third party system wide keyboards for the very first time. We've rounded up a selection of alternative keyboard contenders -- some with sto

Minuum’s iOS 8 Keyboard Lets You See A Lot More Screen As You Type

Apple’s new relaxation of the ban on third-party keyboards means there’s now a plethora in the store, but a couple stand out. I wrote about Fleksy earlier, but Toronto startup Minuum has a

Minuum Previews Its Size-Shifting Virtual Keyboard For iOS 8

Toronto startup Minuum is readying its iOS 8 custom keyboard software, now that Apple has made it possible for developers to create that kind of app. The system-wide Minuum virtual keyboard is nearing

Minuum Demos Non-Annoying Text Entry On An Android Wear Watch

The Android Wear devices currently available let you respond to texts as well as read them – but they employ either voice-based input or canned responses to do so, and neither is entirely ideal. A w

Google Glass Gets A Keyboard Thanks To Minuum’s Minimal Tap-And-Turn Typing

Google Glass can do a lot of things, but until now it was mostly limited to single tap, scroll or voice-based input. Now, there’s a keyboard for Glass, courtesy of Toronto-based startup Whirlsca

Minuum Shows Off Just How Smart A Smart Keyboard Could Be On A Smart TV

Typing using any kind of remote control that doesn’t include a full QWERTY keyboard is a nightmare, and everyone knows it. I still enter text into my Xbox One using the gamepad, despite its supp

Minuum Virtual Keyboard Maker Whirlscape Lands $500K From Y Combinator, BDC And More

Toronto-based startup Whirlscape has secured $500,000 in seed funding in a round that included Y Combinator, FundersClub, BDC Venture Capital and more, the company announced today. The startup created

Think Software Keyboards Don’t Work On Smartwatches? Check Out Minuum’s New Video

As smartwatches become a device category that most major hardware makers are turning their attention to, there’s a question of how much smartphone utility we’ll be able to translate to the

Toronto’s Minuum Makes Its Beta Public, Android Users Can Try A New Kind Of Keyboard For $3.99 Now

University of Toronto-founded interaction design startup Whirlscape has made its beta available to the general public today, after a closed trial period following its successful Indiegogo funding camp

Minuum, The Super Simple Software Keyboard, Launches Android Beta Today

Toronto-based Whirlscape attracted plenty of attention when it first debuted its innovative Minuum software keyboard, and sought funding for the project on Indiegogo. Now, the project is moving forwar

Hey Apple, What The Next iPhone Really, Really Needs Is A Much Better Keyboard

What the next iPhone really really needs is not an even bigger screen, flatter icons, flexible widgets or live tiles, or even crystal-ball-gazing cards. Or Facebook Home. That list is just garnish com