• Financial Exposure: Rudder Inadvertently Shows Users Each Other's Bank Account Info

    Hundreds of people who use personal financial monitoring service Rudder woke up this morning to find that their personal bank account, credit card, and other financial data was exposed to other users. One Rudder user, Angie Seaman, told us that she received not only her own daily financial update from Rudder, but also the financial update for about 300 other users (see screen shot above). And… Read More

  • Minti: Parenting Advice For The UGC Generation

    Minti offers a collaborative parenting advice service that ignores the one-to-many we know best style service that is the norm in this space, and instead empowers individuals to share their stories and experience. As Michael Arrington wrote his initial review of the site in March 2006, the overall concept of Minti isn’t entirely new. As a service it sits somewhere between an advice site… Read More

  • Refurber: DIY Advice

    Refurber is a new social and reference website for the Do-It-Yourself crowd from Perth, Western Australia based Vibe Capital, makers of parenting site Minti. On Refurber, users are able to share advice on a wide range of home improvement related topics. Content throughout the site is user generated with articles being tagged, rated and commented on by the greater community to encourage… Read More

  • Minti – Niche Web 2.0 Stuff is Coming

    Minti is a collaborative advice site for parenting. Members write articles on parenting-type stuff (example) and other members rate the content, and add comments and tags. While search is not entirely driven through tags, you can browse by clicking on them and they do a good job showing related tags for a given article. There are good reasons not to mention Minti and push traffic to it… Read More