Financial Exposure: Rudder Inadvertently Shows Users Each Other's Bank Account Info

<img src="" width="215" height="150" /> Hundreds of people who use personal financial monitoring service <a href="http://rudd

Minti: Parenting Advice For The UGC Generation

Minti offers a collaborative parenting advice service that ignores the one-to-many we know best style service that is the norm in this space, and instead empowers individuals to share their stories an

Refurber: DIY Advice

Refurber is a new social and reference website for the Do-It-Yourself crowd from Perth, Western Australia based Vibe Capital, makers of parenting site Minti. On Refurber, users are able to share advic

Minti – Niche Web 2.0 Stuff is Coming

Minti is a collaborative advice site for parenting. Members write articles on parenting-type stuff (example) and other members rate the content, and add comments and tags. While search is not entirely