• The Economy According To Mint

    Aaron Patzer is the CEO and founder of, a personal finance site that helps 900,000 consumers keep track of their spending. Mint’s data is a snapshot of the consumer economy. In the guest post below, Aaron parses the data to tell us what the economy looks like from consumer’s eyes. Consumers are hurting, but if Mint’s data is indicative of the economy as a whole, it… Read More

  • On The Go? Watch Your Net Worth Plummet Anywhere With Mint For iPhone

    Mint, a fast growing financial site that won the top award at the 2007 TechCrunch40 conference, is a great way to track your personal finances. It’s been described as an online Quicken, but it’s a lot more than that, too, since user data can be aggregated and shared in interesting ways. It’s not listed in the App store directory yet, but you can grab it here. But how can… Read More

  • Nintendo just found a boatload of money and it's called Dragon Quest X

    Flickr’d Sony and Microsoft (especially Microsoft) might as well pack their bags and leave the Japanese gaming market altogether. Why? For one, Square Enix just announced that Dragon Quest X will be released for the Wii, probably sometime in 2010 at the earliest. That means Nintendo will struggle to manufacture the 948593485739485739485 Wiis it’ll need to keep up with demand. Keep… Read More

  • Mint Joins The World Economic Forum, Knows That You've Cut Back On Starbucks

    Mint, the personal financial site that won TechCrunch40, continues to thrive even as our economy sinks deeper into an economic decline. The company has just been selected as a TechPioneer by the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland – an honor only given to 34 companies worldwide (other winners in the tech space this year include Brightcove, Etsy, Mojix, and Slide, with past… Read More

  • Mint Leaves Beta, Brings A Bunch Of New Features With It

    Mint, the personal finance startup that won last year’s TechCrunch 40, has launched a host of new features including investment tracking, 401k managment, and more flexible budget sheets. CEO Aaron Patzer says that the new features finally make Mint a one-stop place to get an overview on your entire financial portfolio, and will drop the site’s ‘Beta’ label accordingly. Read More

  • Toshiba showcases super-small projector

    It seems development of micro projectors picks up steam in Japan. Following Tokyo-based venture firm Nippon Signal (“We’ve built the world’s smallest projector”), Toshiba recently exhibited a projector the size of an iPod at one of the company’s own exhibitions in Japan. The device was already on display at IFA 2008, a consumer electronics trade show that took… Read More

  • Redesigning For A Reason: Towards Better Conversion Rates

    Mint, an online personal finance site, has gotten a facelift. The new site sports a much cleaner design than the previous iteration, and appears to be focused on describing what Mint actually does rather than presenting pretty (but somewhat overwhelming) graphics. For now the improvements are mainly on the external portion of the site (for non-members), with the members’ portion… Read More

  • Mint Adds Support For Mortgage And Loan Tracking

    Mint, the popular personal finance site that won TechCrunch 40, has further expanded its services by introducing support for mortgage and loan tracking. Users will now be able to keep tabs on their loans from over 1,000 supported institutions. In addition to the mortgage and loan tracking, Mint also monitors users’ savings accounts, credit cards, and investments. Mint doesn’t… Read More

  • What Winning TechCrunch40 Did For

    Aaron Patzer launched his new startup at TechCrunch40 last year. As the top company he received a cash award of $50,000 and a ton of press attention. Since TechCrunch40 the company has raised over $17 million in venture financing and 10,000 or so new users sign up each week. We asked Aaron to write about his experience at TechCrunch40 – the good, the bad, and everything else. Read More

  • Strands Absorbs Another Personal Finance Company

    Strands has made a second recruitment in its effort to develop a Mint competitor called moneyStrands that leverages the same recommendation engine behind its video and music products. Just over two weeks ago Strands acquired Expensr, and now the company is announcing its acquisition of NetworthIQ. Both are personal finance applications that Strands wanted mostly for their human capital, but… Read More

  • Mint Moves Into Investment Tracking

    Silicon Valley-based startup Mint, which provides a service that lets users manage their checking, savings and credit card accounts online, will launch a new product on May 6 that lets users track virtually any type of investment account as well. Users will now be able to manage all of their financial assets on the Mint site. With this change, Mint says, 6,500 US financial institutions… Read More

  • Motley Fool Co-Brands With Mint

    TechCrunch40-winner and Benchmark-funded startup Mint is having a good year. Their user base has grown 25% in the last month to 200,000. And today they’re getting access to 4 million more via a co-branded partnership with The Motley Fool, a popular finance portal. The deal includes a co-branded version of Mint and promotion of the site on Motley Fool. Mint CEO Aaron Patzer says the deal… Read More

  • Mint Gets A Mint

    Silicon Valley based Mint, an “online Quicken” that also suggest to users different ways to save money by searching for deals on credit cards, bank accounts, etc., will announce a third round of funding today – $12.1 million from new investor Benchmark Capital and all previous investors, including Shasta Ventures, Sherpalo, Felicis Ventures, Hite Capital and First Round Capital. Read More

  • Billeo Secures $7 Million In Financing

    Online bill pay service Billeo has announced a $7 million Series B round of funding. ATA Ventures led the financing, with additional contributions from all of Billeo’s existing investors including Altos Ventures, Claremont Creek and Pacifica Fund. There have been a lot of startups focused on enhancing your online personal finance, mostly around analyzing your investments (Cake, Zecco… Read More

  • Mint's $4.7 Million A-Round

    Financial-planning startup Mint, winner of the TechCrunch40 Award, finally announced that it raised $4.7 million from Shasta Ventures (which led the round), First Round Capital, and angels including Google investor Ram Shriram, and executives from eBay, Intuit, Google, Yahoo, Charles Schwab, Wilson Sonsini, Reuters, Adteractive, and Weblogic/BEA. Since it’s launch, Mint is already… Read More

  • Mint Rakes It In

    Since launching and winning the top spot at our TechCrunch40 conference three weeks ago, personal-finance startup Mint has been on a roll. On Friday, Mint was named Best of Show at the 2007 Financial Innovations conference (along with peer-to-peer lender Prosper and mortgage-finder Mortgagebot). CEO Aaron Patzer reports to us that, in just the past three weeks, Mint has already helped… Read More

  • Mint Wins TechCrunch40 Top Company Award; Takes $50,000 Prize

    Jason Calacanis just announced that Mint was chosen as the best presenting company at TechCrunch40. The provider of an impressive personal finance application will receive $50,000 as part of the award. Mint presented its application this morning during Session 5, which was entitled “Productivity and Web Applications”. See our coverage of that session here. Mint is a personal… Read More

  • TechCrunch40 Session 5: Productivity & Web Apps

    Session five as follows, including our live notes. Commentary by Mark Hendrickson and Duncan Riley.  Xobni Xobni products aim to improve the way users organize, search and navigate their email. Xobni creates an information profile for each person a user communicates with, and provides historical information that is relevant to what users are working on. Xobni displays contact information… Read More

  • Mondo Mint DMS300 Review

    The Mondo Mint DMS300 (Digital Music System) is a very attractive, glossy, piano-white iPod docking stereo system with wood finished speakers. The system consists of four parts: a set of speakers, an amplifier with iPod docking station and a separate stand-alone iPod dock transmitter. The bookshelf speakers have soft dome, one-inch neodymium textile Peerless tweeters and a four-inch aluminum… Read More

  • More Money For Wesabe

    Wesabe’s “online Quicken” product apparently caught the eye of Union Square Venture’s Fred Wilson, because he’s just written a check to lead a $4 million Series A round. This follows a seed round of $700,000 led by O’Reilly AlphaTech Ventures (OATV) just a couple of months ago. OATV also participated in this round. Brad Burnham from Union Square Ventures… Read More

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