• From A TC40 Win To A $170M Intuit Acquisition, Tells All

    From A TC40 Win To A $170M Intuit Acquisition, Tells All

    With Disrupt NYC 2012 literally a day away (tickets here), it’s hard not to think about the past success of our former Battlefield startups. I’ve taken a close look at quite a few over the past couple weeks, and to be honest none have come as far as The company has rocketed to success since launching at TC40 in September, 2007, and subsequently winning the top prize at… Read More

  • DailyWorth Teams Up With To Help Women Turn Financial Advice Into Action

    DailyWorth Teams Up With To Help Women Turn Financial Advice Into Action

    In March of last year, DailyWorth, the personal finance community for women, raised $850K from Robin Hood Ventures, Eric Schmidt’s TomorrowVentures, Howard Lindzon’s Social Leverage, 500 Startups, and more. And, in January, the startup added $2 million more. Read More

  • Mint Finally Brings Personal Finance Platform To The iPad

    Mint Finally Brings Personal Finance Platform To The iPad has been available on a variety of mobile platforms, including iPhone and Android, but has not developed an iPad app. Considering the popularity of other finance apps on the iPad and the tablet for factor, the device is ideal for Mint’s service. Today, Intuit-owned is finally launching an iPad app. You can download the app here. The iPad app lets you organize all… Read More

  • Mint Debuts New Bill Tracking And Reminder Feature

    Mint Debuts New Bill Tracking And Reminder Feature

    Intuit-owned is debuting a new feature today that should make paying bills a little easier. Now Mint will offer users a formal bill tracking feature that allows users to track multiple bills in one location and set up reminders as well. And 300 TechCrunch readers will get private beta access to the feature by clicking here. Read More

  • Hits The Books; Offers Personal Finance Curriculum To Students

    Intuit-owned is heading to schools today with the launch of a free, online program designed to educate middle-school students about personal finance and financial management. Mint has partnered with educational publisher Scholastic to develop materials that parents and teachers can use to teach children the ins and outs of personal finance management. The materials includes lesson… Read More

  • Brings Personal Finance Platform To Canada; Eyes Global Expansion

    Intuit-owned is beginning its international expansion today with the launch of its personal finance platform in Canada. Canadians can access Mint at The main difference between the Canadian version of is that it connects to both Canadian banking financial institutions and U.S. banks and credit unions. Canadian users will still be able to aggregate… Read More

  • Mint Data Delivers A View Into The Spending Habits Of Its 4 Million Users

    Mint Data Delivers A View Into The Spending Habits Of Its 4 Million Users

    With more than four million users, Mint’s personal finance platform no doubt has a massive amount of data that it can mine regarding consumer’s spending habits. In fact, the site already uses some of this data to show seasonal trends. Today, the Intuit owned company is launching its realtime customer data insights to the public, after soft launching the product almost two… Read More

  • Intuit's New Version Of Quicken Gets Mintified With Financial Data Insights And More

    One of the reasons Aaron Patzer founded personal finance site was because of his frustrations with Intuit’s financial management software Quicken. Quicken, says Patzer wasn’t user-friendly, and in Patzer’s own words “felt like a product from 1996.” Flash forward two years, and Patzer’s (which was also a TechCrunch50 winner) was bought by… Read More

  • GE' Beth Comstock and Intuit's Scott Cook on Cultures of Innovation

    Intuit, GE Executives Trade Notes On Innovation And Acquisitions

    Speaking at TechCrunch Disrupt in San Francisco today, Scott Cook, the founder and chairman of Intuit, and Beth Comstock, the chief of marketing and vice president of General Electric (GE) traded notes on innovation, investing and acquisitions. Intuit’s best-known products include Turbo Tax, Quickbooks and Quicken, software that helps consumers, the owners of small and medium sized… Read More

  • Quicken Online Users Saw The Bait, Took The Switch To, And Are Left With Nothing

    Quicken Online users have known for some time that the product they love would be terminated this year. With the shiny new acquisition on board it was only a matter of time before they figured out that one of the two competing products would have to go. The thought was to merge the best features of both into one new product. By February that idea had been changed. The new plan was to… Read More

  • Socializes Personal Finance Advice With New Q&A Feature is making its personal finance advice portal a bit more social today with the launch of Answers, a new Q&A segment of the site that pools expert advice and community insight. A subset of MintLife, the site’s blog, Answers crowdsources answers to community member questions from both professional advisors and from other users. Questions are grouped by topic… Read More