• VIA launches their wee server, the M'SERV

    VIA just launched their latest little computer, the M’SERV S2100. Designed for the small business and home user, the M’SERV uses a VIA 64-bit processor with support for DDR2 and SATA. Read More

  • The fitPC2i: a baby computer for almost anywhere

    Here’s another option from the ultra small computer crowd; the fit-PC2i is the latest version of these systems, and it’s an interesting bit of technology. Read More

  • Next UPMCs: Less Sucktastic (??)

    So far UMPCs have been fairly silly — they’re small, cute, and useless — but the next generation should be much better. They promise. Intel, for example, is showing off a Yahoo-branded UMPC that includes a Core Solo processor for increased battery life. They’re also expecting embedded GPS and wireless as well as cellular networking through Sierra Wireless and… Read More