• Now it's Mininova's turn: Ordered to remove all infringing content, or else!

    Scratch one Web site off that “alternative to The Pirate Bay” list. Mininova has been ordered by a Dutch court to remove all links to copyrighted items from its servers, or face fines to the tune of €5 million. You get the feeling that the era of BitTorrent as we know it is about to end, don’t you? Read More

  • As Court Prepares Shackles For The Pirate Bay, Other Torrent Sites Are Ready To Replace It

    Despite some early fumbling by the prosecution, a judge in Sweden handed down a guilty verdict today in the case against The Pirate Bay, the popular BitTorrent search site. The four founders, who still seem to think this is a big joke, each face one year of jail time and a $3.6 million fine. The site will continue to function for now as they appeal the decision. Even though the Pirate Bay… Read More

  • Mininova Heads Towards 5 Billion Downloads

    The Pirate Bay may get all the headlines, but BitTorrent directory Mininova continues to grow. Stats from the site above (some are public, some via a non-published link) show the site is quickly racing towards 5 billion downloads after having only passed 4 billion February 18. On comparison, Mininova comes out ahead on traffic. The Pirate Bay doesn’t offer a download figure, only… Read More