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CrunchDeals: HP Mini-Note (4GB, Linux) for $299

Sorry to load up on the CrunchDeals today but, hey, it’s basically holiday shopping season, right? Late October? Sheesh. Anyhoo, Amazon has the HP 2133 Mini-Note – the one with the nice keyboard a

HP slashes Mini-Note prices

Possibly in response to Acer’s recent price-lowering extravaganza, HP has cut prices on its flagship netbook, the Mini-Note. While HP’s lowest price of $499 is still a long way from Acer’s $329,

Windows XP available on HP Mini Note by mid-May

That HP Mini Note? Yeah, it’ll be available with Windows XP, the preferred Windows OS of, oh, I don’t know, pretty much everyone I’ve spoken with. Some sleuthing by Laptop mag turned

HP Mini Note launches this month: Netbook can run Linux or Vista

HP‘s the latest computer maker to jump on the netbook bandwagon. (Netbooks, of course, are those super small laptops only good for things like surfing the Web and checking e-mail. They’ll