mini camera

  • Thanko sells underwater mini USB camera

    Tokyo-based crap gadget maker Thanko is rolling out another USB device, but this time the gadget (kind of) makes sense. It’s a USB mini camera [JP] that can be used for a variety of activities, including shooting pictures and videos underwater. It’s water-proof up to a depth of 20m. Read More

  • Thanko rolls out water-proof mini camera

    Infamous gadget maker Thanko did it again. This time the Tokyo-based USB specialist developed a mini camera [JP] that’s not only shaped like a small pipe but is also water-proof up to a depth of 20m. Say what you want, but Thanko knows what the masses need. Read More

  • Thanko sells wrist watch with integrated spy camera

    Thanko, the pioneer in disruptive technology, is rolling out one innovative product after another. After announcing the teddy bear-shaped gloves yesterday, the Tokyo-based company today unveiled an analog wrist watch that features a built-in video camera. The so-called VIDEO CAMERA Analog Watch looks totally normal from the outside (weight: 80g) but is able to record 2 hours of video through… Read More