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CrunchDeals: Dell Mini 9 Netbook $177 (btw, it's a refurb)

<img src="">Jump on the netbook bandwagon on the cheap side with this <a href="

Buffalo outs Inspiron Mini 9 16/32GB SSD drives

Now that Dell officially offers a 32GB SSD for only a $100, these Buffalo modules are more for the Mini 9 early adaptors that wants in on the larger capacity SSD action. The two drives should be ava

Dell adds 32GB SSD option to Mini 9 netbook

So it’s not an official touchscreen option; this is better. Dell now allows Mini 9 buyers to spend $100 to upgrade from the standard 4GB SSD option to a 32GB solid state drive. Total price wi

Dell Inspiron Mini 9 now in pink, red

The well-received Dell Inspiron Mini 9 is now available in two more colors, if that type of thing matters to you. (I’m colorblind.) Yup, now you can run Windows XP on the bite sized Mini 9 in re

Dell Vostro A90: a netbook for the suits

Dell has taken the Inspiron Mini 9 netbook and dressed it up for the business types. The innards are exactly the same as the pedestrian counterpart with an Intel 1.6 Atom CPU, 8GB SSD, 1GB of RAM an

Oh, netbooks: Mini 12 spotted on Dell's Web site

Looks like Dell is getting ready to release the Mini 12, a netbook in the Mini 9 mold, but, you know, with a 12-inch screen. CMS Report speculates that the netbook could be released as early as this w

Install, run Mac OS X Leopard on your Dell Mini 9 netbook

A bloke at UneasySilence has managed to install Leopard on his Dell Mini 9. Even better, he’s listed all the steps, so if you’re hankering for a quick weekend project (and you have a Mini

Photos of the Dell Mini 9's interior

The Dell Mini 9 appears to not completely suck, which is good news for the netbook crowd, I suppose. But—and I’m sure you’ve all been wondering about this—what does it look lik