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Sony Ericsson keeps 'em coming with Xperia X10 mini and X10 mini pro

More Android handsets are on the way from Sony Ericsson as the handset manufacturer just announced smaller versions of the Xperia X10: the X10 mini and X10 mini pro. Clever names, right? These handset

Dell Mini 10v: $299 and coming this month

<img src="">The Dell Mini 10 <a href="

Dell Mini 11 revealed in leaked netbook roadmap

<img src="" />Get ready for the Dell Mini 11! Yup, it looks like Dell's laptop roadmap has been leaked, and the Mini 11 features prom

High-res display now available for Dell Mini 10 or is it?

<img src="" alt="" />HP’s 2140 was supposed to start shipping with a HD display sometime <a href="

Inspiron Mini 10 up for preorder on Dell today

<img src="">Today’s the day that the Dell Mini 10 can be preordered on, so happy Dell Mini 10 Day to everyone

Dell Mini 10 glamour shots available

<img src="" />While we haven't got any more major news about the Mini 10 (like when it's shipping, officially), Dell