• Yahoo Drops MingleNow into Deadpool

    Social network for night owls MingleNow appears to have been a victim of Yahoo’s recent acquisition of BlueLithium. According to a post on the service’s blog, MingleNow will officially close on January 7th. No official explanation has been made for the closure. We assume that Yahoo simply isn’t interested in maintaining another social network, especially since its purchase… Read More

  • MingleNow to make top users VIPs in real life

    MingleNow is a place-centered social networking site that will offer real world incentives for online activity. Incubated by advertising company BlueLithium, MingleNow will launch a limited beta early next week and open to the public at the end of this month. I’ve been waiting for this to come to fruition for some time and I’ll be interested to see if it’s well received. … Read More

  • Online Dating 2.0: Thirteen Sites To Find Love

    Online dating is big business, drawing about 4 million U.S. Internet users daily in June 2006 (and 25 million monthly), and they spend a daily average of nearly 17 minutes each on these sites. That adds up to a lot of page views – almost 4.5 billion per month (source: Comscore). And that doesn’t take into account the billion-a-day Myspace page views, which many people argue is… Read More