millimeter wave

  • Claim: Millimeter wave body scanners wouldn't have stopped Christmas plot. Why bother with them, then?

    Not to alarm y’all, but those millimeter wave body scanners that have been paraded around as the solution to would-be airplane terrorist attacks? Turns out they’re sorta useless in that, while they’re able to detect dense material (C4, metal, traditional bombs, etc.), they’re completely ineffective against less dense material. And wouldn’t you know it, the… Read More

  • Prepare yourself for more and more full body scanners at airports, America

    There’s more fallout from that botched Christmas Day terror plot, and it’s something regular readers will be familiar with. It looks like the man who tried to blow up that airplane had explosives stitched into his underpants. The result? A push for more widespread use of those full body scanners we’ve been talking about for some time now. Read More

  • Are you outraged by those TSA 3D body scan machines, America?

    Gather ’round for the time-honored American tradition of pretending to be outraged by something. (If we’re to believe that outlet of populist outrage monger, the Drudge Report.) It’s one of those airport security body scanning devices, this time going on trial at the Salt Lake City airport. The left two images show a woman, while the right two are a man. Read More

  • mm Wave technology at JFK Listen: I’m all for safety and security, but I’d rather have some burly man touch my junk than have some burly man in another room look at my junk using X-Ray vision. Millimeter wave technology can “see” through clothing at the skin and danglies underneath and, presumably at the knives I’m hiding on my leg. At… Read More