Brown Foods ushers in new age of dairy, raises a ‘latte’ money for cowless cow’s milk

The company's first product, UnReal Milk, is "real" whole milk created using mammalian cell culture technology.

Miruku replacing animals with plants to create dairy proteins

Miruku is breeding and engineering plant crops to turn their cells into dairy proteins using energy from the sun.

Bobbie drinks up $50M to expand infant formula product line

Bobbie is carving out its own piece of an infant formula market poised to be a valued at $103 billion by 2026.

Helaina’s latest round brings it closer to market with human milk-equivalent baby formula

Helaina is tapping into a precision fermentation process that programs yeast cells and teaches them to become manufacturing hubs to develop almost identical proteins found in human milk.

Lilu’s compression bra aims to help nursing mothers pump more milk faster

A startup called Lilu took the stage today at TechCrunch Disrupt San Francisco to show off their prototype bra designed to help breastfeeding mothers pump milk more efficiently, and hands-free. The de

Meeting Between Jay Z And Samsung Could Forecast Tidal Acquisition

It would appear that Jay Z, rap legend and Tidal music screaming service owner, has been hanging out with the folks over at Samsung. According to a report from Variety, Jay Z had a meeting in Samsung&

The Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Is The New Hotness

The smartphone to beat this season is the Galaxy S6 Edge. It's slim, stylish, and powerful, a mashup between the previous Galaxy S series with the original iPod Touch. It's well-made and unique, a com

A New App Called Milk Helps You Save On Groceries, Without Clipping Paper Coupons

The creators of coupon-code finder Honey, which helps online shoppers save at checkout, have now launched a new app called Milk (mmm…milk and honey…) that lets you save at the grocery stor

Oink Users: Need A New Home For Your Data? Turn That Frown Upside Down With Cheers

This piece of news brought to you by <a href="">Jotly</a>. No, no. Just kidding. Last week, uber-founder Kevin Rose and the team of eight sterling engineers and designers that comp

Winning A Bidding War With Facebook, Google Picks Up The Milk Product Team

AllThingsD is reporting that super-founder Kevin Rose <a href="">is joining Google.</a> Well, that's part of the story ... the othe

Jotly Creator Swears He’s Not Making Fun Of Oink

So <a href="">Nosh</a> founder <a href="">Alex Cornell</a> came up with and shot a promo video of this parody app that allows you to review anything in the world

The Startup You Want To Work At The Most Is Your Own

By now it is a common axiom of Silicon Valley small talk that good engineers are, at the moment, murder to come by. While the most prominent talent battles have thus far been between Facebook and Goog

Milk's First Project Revealed: Oink, A Mobile App To Vote, Rank, And Share

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Milk Completes $1.5 Million Angel Round, Packed with Valley Names

<img src='' class="snap_nopreview shot" alt="" /><a href="">Kevin Rose</a> has completed a hefty $1.

Milk: Kevin Rose's New Company Aims to Solve Big Problems on the Mobile Web

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System alerts you when the milk has gone bad

[photopress:badmilk.jpg,full,right] Scientists have developed a system that detects whether or not milk has gone sour. The system’s made up of two parts, a small metal ribbon that’s placed

Milk Desk

Oh man, this thing is all kinds of hotness. Featuring every amenity one could possibly hope for on a computer desk, the Milk is one of those rare blends of fashion and efficiency. It has a pneumatic l

Breastmilk: The Other White Milk

I rarely get caught up in quixotic Internet causes, but this is too good to pass up. It includes three things close to my heart: breasts and the milk therein, big pork, and, for some additional gadget