QinetiQ's solar-powered Zephyr aircraft attempting to stay aloft for 14 days

It’s summer here in the Northern hemisphere, and that means the solar-based industry in the US is in top experimental gear (to clarify: the company in question is British but the test flight is

Boeing gets in on the drone action with the hydrogen-powered Phantom Eye

<img src="" />What's with the ominous names for these things? You've got the Predator, the <a href="http://www.cru

Taranis: The $214 million unmanned stealth fighter that proves it's better if it's British

<img src="" />No, this aircraft most certainly isn't as <a HREF="">green</a> as the <a HREF="http://

Blimps over Baghdad (ft. Young Northrop Grumman and MC DOD)

<img src="" />These "combat airships," which by the way are <em>awesome</em>, are being researched and built by defense contractor Northrup

U.S. Army arrests Wikileaks whistleblower

<img src="" />Wikileaks vs. the U.S. Military continues. You'll recall that the U.S. Army <a HREF="

Military spends $4.5 million on what appear to be helmet-mounted Virtual Boys

<img src="" />I think it must be hard to feel like a one-man army when you're wearing such a dorky piece of headwear. The new COMBATREDI

Robocalypse Now: Toy-sized combat robot fires "pyrophoric warheads"

<img src="" />I'm torn here. Not literally torn, as I expect to be <a href="">when the robo

U.S. military launches unmanned X-37B spacecraft. Too bad it refuses to tell us what it's for!

<img src="" />It's all a bit like <a HREF=""><i>Mass Effect</i></a>. The U.S. Air Force suc

HP plans wrist-mounted e-ink display for space marines

<img src="" />First, a trivia question: how many of you remember <a href="">Super Force

Those drones you use in Modern Warfare 2? They could be illegal in real life.

<img src="" />You know all those <a HREF="">drones</a> you kids use to rain grim death upon your unf

Video: The $113.5 million F-35B Lightning II can float in the air for a little bit

<img src="" />There's a certain amount of pride in seeing a country pump out something like the new F-35B Lightning II fighter jet. At $113.

If only you had actually seen The Hurt Locker

<img src="" />Who saw <i>The Hurt Locker</i>? Oh, right: none of you. Even if you didn't you probably are already familiar with the

Bunker buster robot will be like an underground missile

<img src="" />Well, there goes Zion. That rave-lovin' excuse for a remnant of humanity would have been taken out in a trice by these Rob

360-degree virtual combat room is like Iraq: The Arcade Game

<img src="" />Just so you know, I'm not making light of warfare — it's just that virtual training like this, while valuable, <em>

CrunchCool: Russian Typhoon class submarine

Here’s something old, but definitely cool and worth showing you. Livejournal user Igor113 posted some pictures from his trip to… somewhere in Russia. He loves to travel and take pictures,

DARPA planning to test Mach 6 hyperplane in April

<img src="" />This rather unconvincing video shows a current project of DARPA's, in which a jet is accelerated first by regular propulsion,

Darpa wants a real C-3PO to translate for troops Over There

<img src="" />Shocking admission: I've never seen a <i>Star Wars</i> movie. Well, that's not entirely true: I did see <i>Episode One</i>

So, so awesome: tactical laser takes down ballistic missile (video)

<img src="" />Do you see what I'm seeing? That big ol' column in the first shot is a LASER. A huge, sustained, sci-fi style laser. It's

Marines buy portable armor that comes in a flat pack

<img src="" />This is strangely cool. A defense contractor developed a type of steel reinforced armor that could replace the bas

U.S. military now wants 3D surveillance cameras. Avatar invented 3D, you know.

<img src="" />In a sense, the following story can be summed up thus: the US military wants new, hi-tech equipment. That's not exactly break
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