Lockheed Martin’s Hydra Fusion builds 3D maps in real time from drone footage

A drone is a great eye in the sky, but if you want richer data than what its cameras show — for example, detailed 3D maps — you might be looking at a few hours of processing time. That is, unless

Army Special Operations Command reportedly ditching Android for iPhone in the field

While the ordinary proving ground of the smartphone may be the mean streets of the city, devices are to be found on the field of battle, too — and if a report from DoDBuzz is to be believed, Android

The Canadian Army is testing out bionic knee braces

Halifax-based Spring Loaded Technology announced today that it has delivered the first 60 in of a planned 190 bionic knee braces to the Canadian Army, part of a $1 million (CAD) contract awarded to th

VetTechTrek is creating an e-learning platform to help veterans build careers in the tech industry

VetTechTrek is a nonprofit founded last year with the goal of helping military veterans network with the technology industry. Over the last 12 months they have worked toward this goal by hosting mu

Amazon Expands Access To Prime Video To U.S. Military Members Overseas

Amazon said today it will expand access to Amazon Prime Video to military members and families serving overseas, as a part of the company's ongoing efforts to deliver programming to those who reside o

Google Launches “VetNet” To Help Military Veterans Re-Enter The Civilian Life, With Google+ As The “Plumbing”

For the men and women that serve our country, coming back from that life isn't easy. I don't have experience with it, but do know many veterans who are going through that. Today, Google <a target="

Iraq Veterans Launch RallyPoint: A LinkedIn For The Military (And Life After)

<a target="_blank" href="">According to The Bureau of Labor Statistics</a>, while the unemployment rate among U.S. veterans has dropped to 8.3 percent, it st

Department Of Defense To Private Sector: We Need Your Help With Mobile Innovation

On stage at the second-day keynote, Major General Robert Wheeler talked about the changing role of industry and enterprise as it relates to technological innovation, and how where once the military le

Best Email Ever: How One Soldier Stationed In Afghanistan Got His Amazon News Today

It's only my third official day on the job at TechCrunch, but it's been a pretty awesome time thus far. We saw an email come through the wires that stopped us in our tracks during our Amazon coverage

Army Warns Of Danger Of Geotagging

While for an ordinary civilian the automatic geotagging of your photos or check-ins might be convenient, in the military it can be a lethal mistake. In 2007, geotagged photos of a new fleet of helicop

Self-Guided Bullet Could Strike Laser-Designated Targets From A Mile Away

You might remember the scene in <em>The Hurt Locker</em> where some soldiers are ambushed by a sniper and must do a little return sniping. That process of spotting, adjusting the sights, and altering

Predator-Inspired Ammo Backpack Cobbled Together By Soldiers In Afghanistan

A group of Iowa National Guardsmen, fresh from a harrowing two-and-a-half-hour firefight in Afghanistan earlier this year, found itself questioning the effectiveness of some of their new equipment. Th

Huge Military Blimp Getting Ready To Fly And Spy

Call me unimaginative, but I always thought blimps were best suited for sporting events and alternate history fiction. The US military would beg to differ, if this pearly-white behemoth is any indicat

Terrahawk’s M.U.S.T. Is A Mobile Guard Tower In A Shady-Looking Van

National Security isn't always about the flashy solutions. Not everything can be <a href="">rail guns </a>

Video: Lockheed’s “Samarai” Drone Spins Like A Maple Seed

Anyone who lives near a deciduous forest knows the joy of the maple seed, or as we called them when we were kids, helicopters. Their single wing spins the seed, slowing its descent — so why shou

Ultimate Surround Sound System Could Prepare Soldiers For Extreme Battlefield Noise

<img src="" />It's hard for me to imagine being in a firefight at all, let alone having to make tactical decisions and communicate with other

Bremont C17 Globemaster Watch For Military Pilots Only

<img src="">Here is a nice new piece from Bremont that you can't get - at least not now. That isn't to say the watch

Military Advances Android Field Capabilities With JBC-P Program

<img src="" />The future of on-the-ground military connectivity is a hot item these days; the systems used to keep track of soldiers, send

Some Railgun Porn For Your Friday

<img src="" />Back in December we heard about the <a href="

"Condor" Supercomputer Made Of 1,716 PS3s Now Online

<img src="" />Supercomputers are expensive to make no matter how you look at it. But if you use a whole bunch of PS3s, you can sav
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