Military tech

Silicon Valley goes to war

At Andreessen Horowitz’s recent American Dynamism summit, Hadrian founder and CEO Chris Power painted a picture of the country in peril. “I’m here to talk to you about an existential risk to the

DARPA design shifts round wheels to triangular tracks in a moving vehicle

As part of its Ground X-Vehicle Technologies program, DARPA is showcasing some new defense vehicle tech that’s as futuristic as it is practical. One of the innovations, a reconfigurable wheel-tr

The Pentagon is working on a radio wave weapon that stops a speeding car in its tracks

Vehicular terrorism is on the rise, but technology under development by the U.S. Department of Defense could save lives by disabling a weaponized car before it ever reaches its target. The Pentagon&#8

Trump’s new national security adviser is a futurist with warnings about technology

A week after Michael Flynn’s abrupt fall from grace, President Trump will smooth things over with a national security adviser that at least some people can agree on. Called everything from a &#8

Military veterans provide a new competitive advantage for tech companies

Ask any Silicon Valley CEO what some of their biggest challenges are and you likely will hear “finding and retaining great people.” Tech is booming, yet it remains incredibly hard to attract and k

VR on the battlefield, to the couch and back again — sort of

VR is widespread in design, education and entertainment. But before VR hit the mainstream, it was first and foremost an important resource for our armed forces. After decades of perfecting VR in milit

The Militarization Rate Of Technology And Elon Musk’s AI Worries

We recently marked the 112th anniversary of the Wright Brothers’ first powered, manned flight. The flight lasted 12 seconds. That one-fifth of a minute has continuously reverberated throughout techn

Avenger Laser weapon knocks UAV out of the air

<img src="" />Gosh, <a href="">these lase

Rubber tracks for military vechicles

One of  the weak points of tracked military vechicles are the metal plates. They need to be repaired after every 250 miles while constantly shaking soldiers inside the vechicle. This is about to chan

Remote control tankbot! The Robocalypse marches on It won’t be long before the cursed machines tur

UK's new badass binocs combo infrared, GPS to target baddies three miles away

[photopress:jtasbino.jpg,full,center] Like a Certs being a candy mint and a breath mint, the SSRF is a rangefinder and a GPS targeting computer. Using a combination of technologies, the Surveillance S