Military tech

  • VR on the battlefield, to the couch and back again — sort of Crunch Network

    VR on the battlefield, to the couch and back again — sort of

    VR is widespread in design, education and entertainment. But before VR hit the mainstream, it was first and foremost an important resource for our armed forces. After decades of perfecting VR in military applications, we are finally making this concept of “inhabiting” a computer-generated environment work for home users. And, VR is going back to the battlefield — to save… Read More

  • The Militarization Rate Of Technology And Elon Musk’s AI Worries Crunch Network

    The Militarization Rate Of Technology And Elon Musk’s AI Worries

    We recently marked the 112th anniversary of the Wright Brothers’ first powered, manned flight. The flight lasted 12 seconds. That one-fifth of a minute has continuously reverberated throughout technological advancements ever since. It took 95 years to launch the first components of the International Space Station, an incredibly quick progression, considering the millions of years… Read More

  • Avenger Laser weapon knocks UAV out of the air

    Gosh, these lasers grow up so darn quick! It seems just yesterday that the Avenger’s predecessor, the Advanced Tactical Laser, was being tested on those cute little Hercules transports. And then all that fussing about the Free Electron Laser! You just wanna hug ’em! Am I right? Read More

  • Rubber tracks for military vechicles

    One of  the weak points of tracked military vechicles are the metal plates. They need to be repaired after every 250 miles while constantly shaking soldiers inside the vechicle. This is about to change for rubber tracks are more durable and convenient while allowing the tanks to use less fuel. According to Treehugger, fuel consumption could be improved by 1/3 by using rubber tracks on MPG… Read More

  • Remote control tankbot! The Robocalypse marches on It won’t be long before the cursed machines turn on us. Already they vacuum our rooms and play our games, can there be any doubt that machines like this automated all-terrain Ripsaw tank will soon grow desirous for the blood of their… Read More

  • UK's new badass binocs combo infrared, GPS to target baddies three miles away

    [photopress:jtasbino.jpg,full,center] Like a Certs being a candy mint and a breath mint, the SSRF is a rangefinder and a GPS targeting computer. Using a combination of technologies, the Surveillance System and Range Finder is used to identify enemies up to three miles away, then using the GPS, they call in the big guns to wipe them off the Earth. Kinda creepy. Look for a… Read More