Uber has completed 2 billion rides

It took Uber six years to complete a billion rides around Christmas 2015. Now, just six months later, the company has announced that they have completed their two-billionth ride. Six months is 180 da

Salesforce AppExchange Revolutionized Software Distribution When It Launched Ten Years Ago Today

The Salesforce AppExchange turned ten years old today and it represents quite a milestone for enterprise software development. In fact, the app store concept that Salesforce developed pre-dated Apple

One Million Raspberry Pi Boards Have Been Sold Since Launch

With all the hoopla around <a href="">CES</a>, we sadly missed this amazing milestone for one of the greatest little projects I've seen in a long time, <a href="

Two million Zunes have been sold

Just a note: Microsoft wants you to know that it’s now sold 2 million Zunes. Sure, it’s still 148 million less media players than Apple, but we should note Apple’s been at it longer.

Deutsche Telekom hits the 70,000 iPhone mark in just eleven weeks

[photopress:germaniphone.jpg,full,right]It’s been eleven weeks since the iPhone invaded Germany, and in that time Deutsche Telekom has sold 70,000 units. That comes out to almost 40 an hour, if