Mike Rothenberg

Do VC woes extend to portfolio companies? For Rothenberg, probably not

As VC brands go, Rothenberg Ventures has seen better days. The firm built up a reputation as an up-and-coming early-stage investor. But Silicon Valley soured on Rothenberg Ventures last year; laws

Transcend VR sues investor Mike Rothenberg for fraud and breach of contract

Mike Rothenberg has been in a heap of trouble over a series of purportedly fraudulent transactions within his investment firm Rothenberg Ventures and his virtual reality startup River Studios. Now Tra

Rothenberg Ventures could face fines over setting up its office in a building zoned for residential use

Things seem to be going from bad to worse for Mike Rothenberg, the founder of Rothenberg Ventures, which was more recently renamed Frontier Tech Ventures. According to documents obtained by TechCrun

A former Rothenberg exec filed a class action lawsuit alleging “at least 50 employees” still haven’t been paid

A former chief of staff of Rothenberg Ventures has brought a proposed class-action lawsuit against the beleaguered San Francisco-based investing outfit, saying it routinely failed to pay contract wor

Former Rothenberg employees allege mistreatment and cash management problems

As TechCrunch has previously reported, there’s been an exodus of talent from the Rothenberg “ecosystem,” amid claims of a significant breach of fiduciary responsibilities and other unconventiona

Mike Rothenberg allegedly wired $5.2 million from Silicon Valley Bank without investor permission

As we first reported last month, Mike Rothenberg, the beleaguered founder of the San Francisco-based venture firm Rothenberg Ventures, has been involved in an ongoing SEC inquiry into possibly decep

A former Rothenberg employee is now suing over breach of contract and more than $100K in Amex charges

David Haase, a former employee of the beleaguered San Francisco-based firm Rothenberg Ventures Management Co. (RVM), is suing the firm and its founder, Mike Rothenberg, saying he was asked to run up

Meet Mike Rothenberg, The 28-Year-Old Whose Seed Fund Could Be The Best Bang For Your Cap Table Buck

When you're a rookie, you've got to hustle, and <a target="_blank" href="http://www.crunchbase.com/person/mike-rothenberg">Mike Rothenberg</a> is ready to bring some sweat to venture. Today he unveils