Mike Judge

HBO’s ‘Silicon Valley’ cast hints about upcoming season

They're back! HBO's "Silicon Valley" is set to return to television, with the fourth season debuting this Sunday. We had a chance to watch the first two episodes at the premiere and can confirm that t

Mike Judge hints about the next season of HBO’s ‘Silicon Valley’

We were pleased to have “Silicon Valley” executive producer Mike Judge join us on stage at TechCrunch Disrupt in San Francisco on Monday. The HBO show has managed to both portray and parody the te

‘Silicon Valley’ co-creator Mike Judge is coming to Disrupt SF

Mike Judge is no stranger to Disrupt. The first season of Silicon Valley, the HBO show where Judge is co-creator and showrunner, revolved around fictional startup Pied Piper’s attempt to win our

We Need Your Disrupt NY Battlefield Submissions Right Now!

Disrupt NY will be here in no time, and you know what that means. You should probably get started on Disrupt NY Battlefield applications. We're about to close submissions so we want you to be able to

Mike Judge And The Stars Of HBO’s ‘Silicon Valley’ Will Join Us At Disrupt NY

We've invited Mike Judge to join us at Disrupt, along with Silicon Valley executive producer and writer Alec Berg. We'll also welcome Thomas Middleditch, who stars as Pied Piper founder and CEO Richar