• The Ocosmos OCS7, A Sacrifice To The MID Gods

    The MID, mostly lately personified by devices from Archos and OQO, is very close to being an extinct category of device. I don’t see that as sad, exactly — we’ve just moved on to better devices. But I do feel a pang of pity for the final generation of this once-loved form factor. The OCS1 looks like a slick little device — or would have a year or two ago, when devices… Read More

  • IS01: Sharp to roll out Android smartbook

    There’s just one Android phone currently available in Japan, one of the biggest mobile markets in the world. But the HTC Magic, which Japan’s biggest telco, NTT Docomo, started distributing last summer, will soon be joined by the Sharp IS01 [JP] – which is not really a “smartphone”, but rather being marketed as an MID or “smartbook” instead. Read More

  • Android MID identified as the MID-560, looks pretty

    Can’t wait for your iPad? Get you one of these. This is the MID-560, the odd device we saw yesterday that seemed to be a cross between an iPod Touch and the G1. The company who makes it is called SMiT and it has an 800×480 pixel display. Read More

  • Mysterious Android MID appears

    What is it? Is it a phone? It’s safe to say that it’s at least 3 inches deep and roughly 4 inches wide based on shots taken atop the Sony Vaio P. Other than that, nothing else is known about this mysterious Android MID. At least we know it has an SD card slot, but little else. via Pocketables Read More

  • Another day, another tiny MID: Samsung SWD-M100D with WiMax

    Not a lot of information about this tiny little tablet but it has WiMAX, WiFi, and a keyboard. It also has a 3-megapixel camera and runs Windows Mobile 6.1. Read More

  • LG & Intel's Brand Spankin New MID Platform

    LG and Intel announced that they are partnering to produce MIDs (mobile internet devices) based on Intel’s Moorestown hardware platform and Moblin OS. LG hopes to release internet devices with low power consumption. They are also tapping Ericsson to provide 3G capabilities for the devices. Read More

  • Swiveling MID prototype with Palm-like keyboard is an enigma wrapped in a riddle wrapped in a mystery

    Where to begin? The above device was apparently displayed at Computex back in June and had been speculated by some to be called the Palm Roteo (due to the very Palm-like keyboard) but has since been identified by Pocketables as the Compal Tabasco. Well, wouldn’t you know it, apparently in August a little rumor was floating around about Palm placing an order for five million units of… Read More

  • Video: PocketSurfer 2R mobile internet device

      We’ve had brushes with the PocketSurfer mobile internet device in the past, but here’s a look at the PocketSurfer 2R – an update to the PocketSurfer 2. If you haven’t heard of the PocketSurfer before, it’s kind of an odd device as it uses a way-slow Vodafone GPRS connection as its data conduit. Read More

  • ClarionMiND brings nav to MIDs

    ClarionMiND, the consumer usage application device was shown off today at IDF. The new Mobile Internet Navigation Device integrates familiar software with mobility. The ClarionMiND adds GPS features to the ready-to-explode MID market, allowing for real-time POI and traffic updates. Additionally, users will be able to alter the GUI for intuitive customization. Expect to see it available in the… Read More

  • Early Atom-based mobile internet device costs $1130

    Silly me, I thought these mobile internet devices (MID) based around Intel’s new Atom chipset were supposed to be relatively affordable. This Gigabyte M528 with 4.8-inch screen is up for pre-order on an Australian website (Tegatech.com.au) for around $1130 US. It was originally priced at around $1460, but the price got lowered almost immediately after everyone starting shaking their fists… Read More

  • Lenovo's 'IdeaPad U8' MID has a pretty nice UI

    http://blip.tv/scripts/flash/showplayer.swf?enablejs=true&feedurl=http%3A%2F%2Fengadget%2Eblip%2Etv%2Frss%2Fflash&file=http%3A%2F%2Fblip%2Etv%2Frss%2Fflash%2F815984&brandlink=http%3A%2F%2Fblip%2Etv%2F%3Futm%5Fsource%3Dbrandlink&brandname=blip%2Etv&showplayerpath=http%3A%2F%2Fblip%2Etv%2Fscripts%2Fflash%2Fshowplayer%2Eswf Here’s something we’ll probably… Read More

  • HTC jumping on the MID bandwagon this year

    Word on the street is that HTC (makers of phones like the HTC Touch, the PPC-6xxx series devices, and more!) will be releasing Intel-powered MID devices this year. As you’ll recall from Intel’s recent Atom announcement, Mobile Internet Devices will play a key role in its strategy going forward. Read More

  • Intel UMPCs Switching To Linux

    Not that anyone is excited about UMPCs anymore, but Intel made a pretty bold move this morning. From this day forth, Intel will being using a Linux-based GUI and platform for its UMPCs. Ditching Microsoft’s Origami crapola and going to Linux is an excellent idea. People using UMPCs won’t be installing Windows-dependent apps or anything like that. They’ll just want the basics… Read More