• Man Creates Microwave Gun From Small Appliance, Starts Burning Things (Video)

    Have you done anything worthwhile today? This guy made a microwave gun from a microwave oven, a few computer fans, sheet metal, and wood. His magnetron puts out 1 kW of microwave energy directed into a 35 degree cone — enough juice to fry your eyeballs in seconds. If that’s not enough, it can also jam any radio or cellphone within 20 feet. Read More

  • A library of microwaved CDs

    Make found a catalog of microwaved CDs, which basically offers up some of the coolest lightning simulations you’ve probably ever seen. Read More

  • It Hurts So Good: Homemade Microwave Guns

    http://www.metacafe.com/fplayer/587507/microwave_technology_homemade.swf Clearly someone didn’t get enough love as a child because this is crazy. These guys took apart an old microwave, took out the magnetron, and turned it into a weapon. The resulting hilarity and hijinks remind us how microwave ovens were actually invented when someone at a radar installation found a burnt bird… Read More

  • The Futurist: Making Products Better or… CrunchGear Original Concept Designs

    We live in an ergonomically-challenged world. It really is amazing how much our appliances and gadgets rely on archaic designs that are almost senselessly stress-inducing So we got to thinking—what are some simple ways we could improve the appliances around us to be more people-friendly? So I called up the best product design expert I know: human factors design consultant Eric Porges… Read More

  • New Nonleathal Weapon Reconsiders the Thresholds "Nonlethal"

    Wired has a report up about a new nonlethal weapon developed by the air force over a 10 year period for a cost of $40 million. Dubbed the Active Denial System, or ADS for shorts, the new nonlethal was developed as a new means of crowd control. It works by producing a wavelength longer than an x-ray, but shorter than microwaves. The result is massive amounts of heat, so much that after… Read More

  • Beyond Microwave Oven

    I have a few friends who could immensely benefit from the Beyond Microwave Oven from Smart Home. Using a bardcode scanner, this micro can automatically adjust cooking times and temperatures. It features 4000 preprogrammed items and based on what you scan, it analyzes the food and estimates appropriate settings based on what information the barcode gives it. As Popgadget points out, this would… Read More